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Gerald Francis "Jez" Quigley was a villainous character in Coronation Street from Ep 4207 - 6 Jun 1997 to Ep 4892 - 15 Sep 2000. He was a gangster and drug dealer, who was responsible for murdering Tony Horrocks and also came to blows with street residents such as Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby. He met his demise when he was beaten by Steve's dad Jim for attacking Steve, and later died of a ruptured spleen. Jez was played by Lee Boardman.



Gerald Francis Quigley was born to Margi Quigley in the early 1970s. It is unknown if she was married to his father at the time. Gerald turned to a life of crime as he got older. Gerald gained the criminal sounding nickname of Jez. He gained a reputation as a drug dealer. Sometime during the 1990s, Jez became an acquaintance of Steve McDonald.


In June 1997, Steve McDonald wanted a job and contacted Jez but was unsuccessful in getting a job.

Jez and Tony Horrocks crossed swords over drugs and Jez had Tony beaten to death in February 1999. Jez then supplied drugs to Leanne Tilsley. In March 2000, the dead body of Tony Horrocks was found. Jez invested several thousand into Steve's taxi firm. Steve tried to pay him back but Jez told him to do as he says, or he will end up like Tony Horrocks.

Steve gave evidence against Jez in court over Tony's death. Jez was acquitted and planned revenge on Steve so lured him to a car park where Steve was beaten up by Jez's henchmen. Steve's father Jim McDonald found out so went to confront Jez and ended up assaulting him so badly that he needed hospital treatment.

In September 2000, Jez managed to get into Steve's hospital room, and tried to kill him in his bed but Jez then started to cough up blood from his mouth, and collapsed and died of his injuries. Steve and Jim were shocked, and Jim was aghast, as he knew he was responsible.

Aftermath of Jez's murder[]

Jim was convicted of his murder and jailed, although he was done for manslaughter and got an eight year sentence. Jim was released in 2007 for good behaviour.


Memorable info[]

Appearances: 6 June 1997, 8 December 1999–15 September 2000

Born: Unknown, estimated to be early 1970s.

Died: 15 September 2000

Full Name: Gerald Quigley

Parents: Margi Quigley

Siblings: Jenny Quigley (As yet unconfirmed, Wikipedia says he had a sister)

Spouse: None

Children: None