Jock MacCall.

Jock MacCall was a minor character in Coronation Street in 1999, first appearing in Ep 4723 - 26 Nov 1999. He was the leader of a Freshco's competition.

Biography[edit | edit source]

1999[edit | edit source]

Jock was the captain of the competition. The participants in the Freshco's team was Curly Watts, Alma Baldwin, Fred Elliott, Ashley Peacock, Nita Desai and Ken Barlow. Curly was appointed team leader. They arrived at Benbury Lodge in rural Derbyshire and their first task was crossing a river with planks. Curly started acting a dictator and shouted and hollared at his team. Fred Elliott walked along one and the plank broke. That night they got back to Benbury Lodge and there was no hot water, the beds were bunk beds, and the conditions were basic. At 9pm Jock suggested they get an early night as they have a big day tomorrow. Fred suggested going to the manor but it was a 3 mile walk. He had a bottle of whiskey for a nightcap. Fred said the blankets made him itch. They then went to sleep. Only 4 and a half hours later, at 1:30 in the morning, they were suddenly awoken by Jock waking them up saying it is time for the next excersise. He took them by minibus to a remote moor. It was late November, early winter, dark and cold. Jock said they need to walk back to the lodge before breakfast as part of their task. He got in his minibus and drove away.

While yomping round the moors, a tired and slightly drunk Fred injured his foot and Curly suggested leaving him on the cold dark moors overnight and sending someone back to help him. Ashley said he could die if left alone on the moors overnight. They all agreed to carry him back to base using branches and canvas from their equipment.

The Freshco team won the competition.

Memorable info[edit | edit source]

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