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Joe McIntyre. Does a Jack Dawson impression when he drowns.

Joe McIntyre was a Coronation Street resident, and the father of Tina McIntyre and fourth husband of Gail Rodwell. During his time on the street he battled with depression, drug addiction and crippling debt, which most of the time put a strain on his relationship with loved ones. He died in 2010 during a boating accident, in which he tried to fake his death to get insurance money to pay off his debt, only to die for real .



Joe married a woman named Ann at some point in the late 1980s/1990, and they had a daughter together named Tina in 1991. But his marriage to Ann didn't work out due to Joe's mental health issues and outbursts or anger, and the pair ended up divorcing. Joe still kept contact with Tina despite her staying with Ann.


Joe turned up to visit Tina in May 2008 at her home on Coronation Street. He later began a secret relationship with Gail Platt, the mother of Tina's boyfriend David Platt. Both Tina and David caught out their secret relationship and although disapproving at first, they came to accept it.

In November 2008 Joe got into problems with the troublesome Windass family, as they refused to pay for a kitchen that he and David fitted. David, Tina and their friend Graeme Proctor got revenge on the Windass family by tearing out the kitchen and threatening the home owners Eddie and Anna Windass, but this only led to their thuggish son Gary and Eddie's brother Len to break into Gail's and tear out her kitchen.

Much to the annoyance of Joe, Tina and the Platt family, the Windass family were relocated to the house next to the Platts. Although Gail and Anna wanted to call a truce between families, everyone else still had a mistrust of each other and Joe didn't bother to hide his contempt of the family. On Christmas Day 2008 Gail invited the family round for Christmas dinner, in which they proved to be a nuisance. This came at a bad time for Joe as he was struggling with money problems and was evicted from his flat and forced to live in his lockup, and he was too embarrassed to tell Gail about it. When Gary started to flirt with Tina, an angry Joe shouted at the family and began throwing food at them in a fit of rage, forcing them to flee the household. Gail was gobsmacked by his reaction, and an ashamed Joe departed the house.

Gail later discovered Joe's living conditions and asked him to move in with her, which he accepted. In January 2009, Gary badly beat up David after a confrontation between the two men, which led to Gary being charged for assault. Although David threw the first punch, he got Tina (who witnessed the confrontation) to lie in hopes of Gary being sent down. Len approached Joe and asked him to convince Tina to tell the truth, and in return would give him work. Desperate, Joe got Tina to tell the truth in court, which allowed Gary to go free. This caused a rift between David and Tina, and Tina split off from him. David's feelings towards Joe soured because of the breakup, especially as Joe was forced to briefly employ Gary as a laborer as a favour to Len.

Things got worse for Joe as he hurt his back, which meant that he couldn't do any work. He began to get addicted to painkillers and throughout the summer of 2009 he looked for ways to feed his habit. When David found out, he stole Joe's tablets and enjoyed tormenting him with them, and used it to make Joe do whatever he was told. David hoped that he could force Joe to reconcile Tina with him, but this didn't work as she moved onto Jason Grimshaw. In desperation and agony, Joe broke into Gail's workplace at the medical center and began smashing up the medicine cabinets with a sledgehammer in a desperate attempt to get pain relief. Gail arrived to calm him down, and the police arrived on the scene and arrested Joe. He was given a warning and later began to seek help to deal with his addiction.

Things seemed to look up for Joe after his trauma, as he got a job on Bill Webster's builder's yard, and bought a boat from him which Joe refurbished. After finishing the boat he proposed to Gail, which she accepted. But misery returned in Joe's life when he began to be harassed by a loan shark Rick Neelan, who bought Joe's debts and began to add on interest. On his first interaction with Rick Joe found himself giving his van away to Rick, in hopes of that being enough to settle the debt. But Rick continued to turn up and harass Joe, and even made hints at hurting Tina. A terrified Joe later confessed to Gail about his money problems and Rick's harassment. Gail made the decision for them to sell up Number 8 to pay off the debts, and move to a smaller home with the remaining money. When David found out he wasn't pleased.

A desperate Joe resorted to other means of making quick cash to keep Rick at bay, such as borrowing money off Gail's dad Ted Page, claiming it was a deposit to a new house. Joe and Gail got married at the beginning of January 2010 and went on holiday to the Lake District, with Joe feeling relieved he will get a break from Rick. But upon returning Rick put on the pressure, and Gail decided not to sell the house, especially as Joe was trying to seek a quick sell which was beneath the asking price. At the end of his tether, Joe got into an argument with Gail and accused her of jinxing him, citing her bad past relationships with men being down to a curse. He briefly walked out on Gail, but returned after calming down.

After reading about a case about John Darwin, a man who faked his own death for life insurance, Joe got inspired and decided to replicate it, hoping that the money made will pay off Rick and get rid of him for good. Joe booked another holiday by the Lake District, intending to fake his death there. He went with Gail, and revealed to her that night about his plans and that he will disappear on his boat. Gail found the idea ridiculous and tried to convince Joe not to go through with it. But feeling there was little option at this point when paying his debt off, he believed this was the only way, and got his boat ready to depart. When Gail tried to stop him leaving, she accidentally knocked Joe over and hurt his wrist, which led him to picking her up and throwing her off the boat. He later sailed away into the night, the last time he would ever see Gail again.

Joe fell off the boat and despite his attempts to climb on board, the freezing water seized his body up and he died, with his body sinking in the water.

Aftermath of death[]

Ten days after his demise, Joe's corpse resurfaced. Tina and Gail went to identify his disfigured corpse, and managed to confirm it to be Joe.

Gail was accused of murdering Joe, and got charged with his death. After standing trial, she was found not guilty. During this time, Tina fell into depression over Joe's death and cut off contact with everyone, but Graeme Proctor managed to help her adjust back to normal life.

Rick continued to torment Tina in 2012 whenTerry Duckworth, the father of Tina's boyfriend Tommy Duckworth, got into debt with Rick. Rick eventually met his downfall when arrested by the police for drug dealing, although he would get out after only a short time and resumed his dodgy dealings and loansharking.

Over years after Joe's death, Tina was murdered by Rob Donovan. She was buried alongside her father, with her mother (and Joe's ex-wife) attending the funeral.

Joe's harassment at the hands of Rick Neelan was eventually avenged nine years after his demise when he was killed, an act ironically carried out by Joe's nemesis Gary Windass, who he himself was being threatened by Rick over debt.


  • Joe got his inspiration to fake his death from the real life case of John Darwin, AKA the Canoe Man. However unlike Darwin, Joe ended up dying for real (most likely due to the Gail Curse).
  • Joe was shown to be fully aware that Gail was cursed and that she brought bad luck and misery to her husbands, despite it not being intentional. Unfortunately it was too late for Joe as he ended up in terrible debt and later dying. Before his demise, he even advised Gail to put a sign over her door and warn future potential boyfriends/husbands of Gail to stay away. Pity she didn't do this, as it probably would have given Michael Rodwell second thoughts about robbing that house and sealing his fate.
  • Although Joe departed on 8th February 2010, he last appeared on 19th February as a corpse.

Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 26 May-13 June 2008, 8 August 2008-8 February 2010

Born: 11th April 1960

Died: 8th February 2010

Spouse: Ann McIntyre (divorced), Gail Platt (2010)

Children: Tina McIntyre (1991)

Stepchildren: Nick Tilsley, Sarah Louise Platt, David Platt