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Katie McDonald was the daughter of Jim McDonald and Liz McDonald. She was born prematurely on the 1st January 1992 and died the day after.



When Steve went missing on New Year's Eve his mother Liz went into early labour on New Year's Day 1992, and gave birth to a baby girl Katie. Katie passed away the following day, much to her parents and family's devastation. Steve felt guilty and blamed himself for Katie's death.

Aftermath of death[]

Liz's only photograph of Katie was kept in a silver frame. It got stolen in 1993, but the photo was found discarded in the ginnel and was recovered.

In 2018, her father Jim got a woman called Hannah Gilmore to pose as Katie to try and con his ex wife Liz out of money, by saying there was a mix up at the hospital in 1992. However Liz caught Jim and Hannah snogging and the truth was revealed. Jim and Hannah then fled the area.

Memorable info[]

Born: 1st January 1992

Died: 2nd January 1992

Full Name: