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Katy Armstrong is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in July 2010 and departed in March 2015. The character died off-screen in October 2017.



Katy was born in September 1994 to Owen and Linda Armstrong. She had an older sister named Izzy. When Katy was still small her mother left the household, leaving Owen to raise his daughters on his own.


Katy first appeared in July 2010 when Izzy invited her to Chesney's 16th birthday party. She began to see Chesney, much to the disapproval of her father Owen who nearly came close to punching Chesney outside the house, feeling he was taking advantage of Katy. But overtime Owen begrudgingly accepted the relationship, realising the pair of them were in love.

Despite their young age Katy and Chesney were determined to settle down together. Chesney worked on the stalls selling dog items, and later moved into a flat on Victoria Street with her, hoping to make their relationship serious. They planned to have a baby together and Katy fell pregnant, which infuriated Owen. Katy gave birth to a baby boy in December 2011 during a nativity (ironically enough she was playing Mary), and her and Chesney called their son Joseph. But the young couple realised parenthood wouldn't be too easy and they struggled to raise a child. Owen came close to taking the baby off them, but returned Joseph to the pair and supported them instead.

Katy got tired of her life with Chesney and later began an affair with her colleague at the kebab shop Ryan Connor, which caused her and Chesney to split up. The relationship with Ryan didn't last long. She later began working as a receptionist at V Court Fitness.

In 2015 her mother Linda Hancock returned. Katy decided to leave Weatherfield and start a new life with her mother in Portugal. She left with Joseph in March 2015. Chesney continued to have contact with them, and went to visit Katy and Joseph several times. Following Owen's departure from Weatherfield in 2015 he later went to see Katy in Portugal.

After 2015[]

Katy died in a car crash in October 2017, the news of which was related to Izzy over the phone by Owen. Joseph returned home to live with his father.

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