Lawrence Cunningham is the illegitimate son of Ken Barlow, born to his first girlfriend Susan Cunningham. Lawence was played by Linus Roache, son of Bill Roache who plays Ken.



After her separation from Ken Barlow in January 1961, Susan Cunningham discovered that she was pregnant to his child. She sent a letter to Ken's home at Number 3 Coronation Street but he didn't receive it as the letter ended up behind the skirting board. Susan ended up having Lawrence without Ken's knowledge. Lawrence would later have his own children James and Chloe and began working as a lecturer.


In September 2010, 49 years later, the letter was found and Ken did some detective work to track Lawrence down. Lawrence said he was born in August 1961. Ken said him and Susan broke up in January 1961. As Lawrence looked like Ken, Ken knew he was his son.

However things would soon turn frosty between Lawrence and Ken very quickly. When Ken met Lawrence's son James, he came to realise that Lawrence didn't approve of James being gay. Ken attempted to fix their rocky relationship by trying to get through to Lawrence that being gay wasn't terrible. Lawrence stood by his views however, and admitted to Ken that the problems between him and James has been going on for a while, and refused to put up with Ken's interference as he has only just came into their lives. Not approving of Lawrence's views, Ken got him to leave and they cut off contact, having only just known each other a few days.

Ken kept contact with James, however this wouldn't last as he attempted to con Ken out of money and later attacked him and disappeared. This was the last time Ken had anything to do with the Cunningham family again.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: August 1961

Full Name: Lawrence Cunningham

Parents: Ken Barlow and Susan Cunningham

Siblings: Peter Barlow, Susan Barlow, Daniel Osbourne (all half, same father)

Grandfathers: Frank Barlow, Mr. Cunningham

Grandmothers: Ida Barlow, Mrs. Cunningham

Spouse: Unknown

Children: James Cunningham, Chloe Cunningham


  • Lawrence said he was born in August 1961. He never revealed the day but he was concieved in about November 1960.
  • The character is played by Linus Roache, the real life son of William Roache who plays Ken. Linus had previously appeared in the programmme as Peter Barlow for three brief stints in 1973, 1974 and 1975.