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Leanne Anika Battersby (formerly Tilsley and Barlow) is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in Ep 4223 - 4 Jul 1997. Upon her arrival, Leanne was a wild child teenager, and a fan of The Spice Girls. Leanne soon mellowed and smartened up. Leanne is played by Jane Danson.



Leanne Battersby was born on the 2nd July 1981 to Les Battersby and Stella Price. Les and Stella split up and Les bought Leanne up. He met and married Janice Lee in 1994. Janice had a daughter, Toyah, from a previous relationship. Leanne and Toyah were close and saw each other as actual sisters, not just step sisters.

In the early summer of 1997, the council decided to rehouse the Battersby family to Coronation Street.


In July 1997, the Battersby family breezed into Coronation Street and immediately started making themselves unpopular. They played music loud into the late hours of the night, and were always rowing. Leanne and Toyah hung around outside Number 5 Coronation Street smoking. Percy Sugden clashed with them as well as their father Les. Leanne mellowed over time and got a job at The Kabin, Coronation Street working for Rita Sullivan. By the first anniversary of her arrival in the street, Leanne was much smarter and mature. Leanne begun dating Nick Tilsley. Leanne and Nick soon married. In 1999, Leanne turned to drugs but soon kicked her drugs habit. Her marriage to Nick hit the rocks. In 2000, Leanne left to go travelling.



In July 2016 Leanne found out she was pregnant after a one night stand. The father was Steve McDonald. Michelle later found otu and slapped Leanne and split with Steve. She disowned Leanne, her former best friend.

In December 2017, Leanne was set up on a date with Chris Anderton. He wanted to find out more about her so sneakily charmed her and gave his date of birth, parents names and mothers maiden name. Leanne told him her DOB and her parents names was Stella Price and Les Battersby. He then took her mobile and emptied her bank account as he had her personal details.

Memorable Information[]

Appearances: 4 July 1997–23 August 2000, 7 June 2004–31 July 2006, 2 March 2007–9 March 2009, 11 September 2009–present

Born: 2nd July 1981

Full Name: Leanne Anneka Tilsley (Nee Battersby)

Parents: Les Battersby and Stella Price

SiblingsGreg Kelly (half, same father) Eva Price (half, same mother), Toyah Battersby (step sister)


Grandmothers: Betty Battersby, Gloria Price

Spouse: Nick Tilsley (1998-2000),(2013-2014) and Peter Barlow (2010-2012)

ChildrenSimon Barlow (Adoptive) Oliver Battersby (2017),