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Liam Barrington Connor was a member of the Connor family and the middle of three children to Irish born parents Barry and Helen Connor. He was the husband of Maria Connor, who also had an affair with his love Carla Connor (Paul's wife) and later met his end when her partner Tony Gordon had him killed by Jimmy Dockerson in October 2008 during Tony's stag night.

He was played by Rob James-Collier.



Liam Connor was born as the second child to Barry Connor and Helen Connor in 1974, following his older brother Paul. They were later followed by a sister Michelle Connor.


Liam arrived on Coronation Street with his nephew Ryan Connor in August 2006. At this point, his sister Michelle had already established herself on the street. Liam and Paul became the new owners of the Underworld factory after getting it off the Baldwin clan, following the demise of the former owner Mike Baldwin earlier in the year. In 2007 Paul was killed in a car accident after kidnapping Leanne Battersby, and Liam's sister-in-law Carla Connor inherited his share of the factory.

Liam and Carla were drawn to each other, although he was dating hairdresser Maria Sutherland at the time. Carla became interested in client Tony Gordon, and a jealous Liam proposed to Maria, which she accepted.

Aftermath of death[]

On the night of his death, Maria revealed that she was pregnant. She had planned to tell Liam, only to find that he was killed. He was buried a couple of weeks later. His death hit both Maria and Carla hard, which even led to the latter delaying her wedding to Tony. This frustrated Tony, who felt that Liam was still ruining things for him beyond the grave. However, the wedding was eventually back on when Carla returned from a break.

In December 2008, on the day Tony and Carla got married, Maria discovered Liam's affair with Carla through the mobile phone footage, which angered her. When she found out Tony had knowledge of it, she (rightfully) believed he had Tony killed. Despite the accusations thrown at him, Tony put in a caring facade the public, stating that it was just delusions as she was grieving.

After an unsuccessful attempt to have Tony arrested, Maria ran him over in January 2009, and ended up crashing herself. Tony decided not to press charges against her for the incident. Maria eventually dropped her accusations, when it found out a "murder" victim of Tony's, Jed Stone, was still alive. Maria began to believe that her accusations towards Tony was just down to grief. After Carla left Tony, Maria and Tony started becoming friends.

In July 2009, Tony delivered Liam and Maria's baby boy, who she called Liam. Tony and Maria entered into a relationship, and in October 2009 (the first anniversary of Liam's death), he proposed to her, and she accepted. The truth came out the following month when Tony handed himself into the police, after trying to kill Roy Cropper (who found out about Tony being a killer). The man who ran over Liam, Jimmy Dockerson, was also arrested when Tony gave his name forward.

In June 2010 Tony himself perished when he set fire to the factory, ending everything once and for all.

Liam was indirectly referenced to in January 2018 when Maria made a comment about her partners dying, which came about when her ex-boyfriend Luke Britton was murdered that month. Again in June 2021, Carla referenced Liam's death to Nina Lucas, who was herself mourning the death of her own just-murdered boyfriend, Seb Franklin

Background information[]

  • In February 2008 it was announced that Rob James-Collier quit the role citing typecasting fears and would bow out later in the year. A murder storyline was later revealed which had Carla Connor, Maria Connor and Tony Gordon as suspects to his death.
  • Liam was killed off in a storyline dubbed "Murder Week" which consisted of episodes airing from the 13th to 17th of October 2008, but taking place during the course of one day during Tony Gordon's stag night. Three alternative endings were shot to keep viewers guessing, which involved Liam being pushed from a balcony by Tony, being shot by Tony during a paintball game or being ran over during a night out. The third death was used, which was more fitting to the story as Tony couldn't bring himself at the time to actually kill somebody with his own hands, meaning the other two alternatives were simply red herrings.
  • Liam's death within the show took place on the 17th October 2008 (just like the aired episode), which was later supported by his gravestone and when Maria went through his phone and saw texts from Carla confirming the date. But in October 2009 this was changed to the 16th October 2009 instead, which was to more likely fit with the Friday episode airing on that date.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
Ireland Upbringing
7 Coronation Street 26th March 2007 to 17th October 2008

Employment history[]

Role Institution Duration
Co-owner Underworld 10th September 2006 to 20th June 2008
Co-owner Lad Rags July 2008 to 17th October 2008

Memorable Info[]

Born: 25th February 1974

Died: 16th October 2008 (originally 17th October 2008)

Parents: Barry and Helen Connor

Siblings: Paul Connor (deceased), Michelle Connor

Spouse: Maria Sutherland (2008)

Children: Paul Connor (2008), Liam Connor Jr. (2009)