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Liam Anthony Connor Jr. is the son of Maria Connor and the late Liam Connor. Maria found out she was pregnant with Liam Jr. on the night his father was killed in a hit and run organised by Tony Gordon. Liam was later born in July 2009, being delivered by Tony himself.

After Tony was arrested Liam and his mother moved to Ireland to be with his grandparents, and returned in 2010 after Tony was killed.



Liam Connor Jr. was conceived in October 2008. When his mother found out, she was eager to tell his father Liam, but found out he was killed in a hit and run while out on Tony Gordon's stag night. A tearful Maria held Liam's dead hand to her stomach, saying she was pregnant, much to the distraught to the attendees of the stag night.


Liam was born in July 2009, delivered by Tony himself - who was the one who secretly orchestrated his father's death. Around this time Tony grew close to Maria, who decided to give Liam the middle name Anthony in Tony's honour. When Tony and Maria officially became a couple in October 2009, Tony planned to marry Liam and even adopt Liam. During Liam's christening, Tony used that day to try and kill his vengeful estranged wife Carla Connor, who returned to stop Tony's plans. She ended up retreating back to Los Angeles.

Much to Maria's horror Tony was exposed as Liam's killer a month later after he handed himself in after attempting to kill Roy Cropper. Unable to remain in Weatherfield, she subsequently moved to Ireland with Liam to stay with his grandparents Barry and Helen Connor and have a fresh start. Tony was later remanded in custody, and given life imprisonment.

Maria returned with Liam to cut her final ties with Carla. But she ended up being kidnapped and held hostage at the factory along with Carla and Hayley Cropper by Tony, who had just broken out of prison to seek revenge. Unable to kill Maria, he ended up letting her go, and then Hayley. Carla escaped after Tony set fire to the factory, and he perished. In the aftermath Maria returned to Ireland with Liam again briefly, but returned to Coronation Street a few weeks later and the pair of them resided in the flat above the hairdressers.

Liam got another father figure in the form of Marcus Dent in 2012. But this came to an end in 2014 when Marcus had an affair with Todd Grimshaw, although Marcus and Maria left on good terms when he departed Weatherfield after being dumped by Todd. Maria later entered into a relationship with Luke Britton.

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