Lily Platt is 3 years old and has a half brother Max Turner. Her mother is Kylie Platt married to David Platt her biogical Father in march 2011 and found out Kylie David and Kylie got Max on the 28th July 2011 from the social services and then in 2013 on the 26 August Kylie gave birth to Lily Platt at house number 8 Gail helped give birth to Lily while jDavid was on the phone talking to the ambulance. Lily's 2nd birthday was okay because Bethany told the truth abou got arrested luckily. After grieving about his wife's murder and trying to get pay back Gail,Nick and Sarah tried to stop him by locking him up in the Bistro's cellar but knowing David he'll find a way out so he got out and drove in his car fulled with gas and as he got in the car. Lily ran away from fiz . Then David went in his car and started driving fast and then he saw his daughter Lily so he crashed and just caught Gary and Lily but then the car exploded and Anna was on fire so she is in hospital but Lily Max and Dvid are okay and Clayton Kylies murder was found Guilty Luckily.