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Liz McDonald is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in Ep 2984 - 27 Oct 1989. She appeared until 1998, returned for three months from October 2000 to January 2001, before appearing in a second stint as a regular from February 2004 until April 2011. She returned again in October 2013 and appeared until June 2020. Liz left for a new life in Spain (once again) in August 2020, leaving behind Weatherfield once and for all.

She was played by Beverley Callard.



Elizabeth Greenwood was born on the 3rd November 1957 to Nancy Greenwood and George Greenwood. Nancy was 42 when she had Liz. As a teenager, Liz met Jim McDonald who was a soldier. Jim married Liz on the 5th January 1974 when he was 18 and she was 16. She was pregnant at the time and in June 1974 she gave birth to twins Steve McDonald and Andy McDonald. Shortly afterwards, Liz had a fling with Johnny Johnson, who was Jim's best friend when they were in the army.


Liz and Jim arrived on Coronation Street in October 1989, interesting in buying Alf Roberts' house from him. They successfully bought the property and moved in with their sons two months later.

Throughout the 1990s Liz and Jim's marriage began to go on the downward spiral, especially after he discovered her affair during an army reunion and assaulted and abandoned her at a petrol station Liz locked Jim out of the house which caused him to break down the back door in a furious rage, forcing a scared Liz to flee. Jim was arrested by the police but later released.

Liz left Coronation Street in November 1998.


After Jim was put on trial for killing Jez Quigley in late 2000, Liz returned to see her family. When Jim faced seven years for manslaughter, Liz remarried him before he was locked up, with Steve and Andy in attendance. In December 2000 Liz began to lock up the Rovers when she was pestered by a drunken Peter Barlow who tried to make a pass at her, but Liz managed to throw him out. This spooked Liz who turned to her friend Deirdre about the matter, which annoyed Deirdre although Peter played it down to just a drunken pass. Liz departed from Weatherfield again the following month.


Liz returned in November 2003 in which Jim escaped prison and wanted to go on the run with her. Liz agreed, but the plans were scuppered when the police arrived and arrested Jim again. Liz left Blackpool with Bet Lynch to run a pub with her in Brighton.

Liz and Andy returned for Steve's second wedding to Karen in 2004, although it was ruined by Tracy Barlow revealing that Steve is the father to her child following a one night stand, and it was not Roy Cropper's as she claimed. Despite this the wedding still went ahead.

Liz left Bet behind in Brighton to settle back in Weatherfield again for good. In 2005 she divorced Jim after he lost his parole after attacking a cellmate, and later started a relationship with Vernon Tomlin. In 2006 she became the landlady of the Rovers Return Inn after Steve bought the pub, although had to have her name over the door due to his criminal record. Liz and Steve moved into the pub, and were joined by Steve's new girlfriend Michelle Connor and Steve and Tracy's daughter Amy after Tracy was sent to prison for killing Charlie Stubbs in April 2007.

Liz got engaged to Vernon with the marriage due for December 2007. Jim got out of prison early for good behaviour and still pined for Liz, and attacked Vernon on the wedding day. Liz and Vernon went ahead with the wedding, but Liz ended up leaving Vernon six months later. He left the street in September 2008.

For several months throughout 2009 Liz left to stay with Andy in Spain, before returning in August 2009 when Steve married Becky Granger. Liz reunited with Jim at the wedding, although Jim left shortly afterwards with Andy. In 2010 she began dating builder Owen Armstrong. Near the end of the year she went to see Andy in Spain, and at this point Jim returned to Weatherfield where he got into a feud with Owen. Owen hired some of his builders to beat Jim up. When Liz returned home, she broke off with Owen because of what he did to Jim.

Liz reunited with Jim and they planned to buy the Rovers from Steve, as Steve and Becky hoped to flee to Spain with Amy and Max to escape from Tracy Barlow, who had began harassing and blackmailing them following her release from prison. But when they were unable to come up with the money Jim robbed a building society, although was caught and arrested. Liz visited him in prison and told Jim that she would wait for him, however she left Coronation Street in a taxi and went to the airport to fly to Spain once again. When Jim's trial came round Liz didn't return to attend it. An angry Jim disowned his family as a result.


In October 2013 Liz returned to Coronation Street in which she helped Steve buy back the Rovers Return from Stella Price, much to the bemusement of his girlfriend Michelle, who Steve got the pub for as a surprise. Liz and Michelle would often gang up on Steve, and they made fun of him when he returned to college to study.

In July 2017 Liz signed over the pub to Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby, and went to work at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre on the reception, where her late friend Deirdre Barlow used to work until her passing two years previously. Liz locked horns with practice manager Moira Pollock, who was initially the boss from hell. But the pair of them started to get on good terms, with Moira easing up on her strict nature. Liz would continue to do shifts at the bar.

In 2018, she began a brief affair with businessman Johnny Connor, who was grieving after the suicide of his son Aidan. Johnny was already married to Jenny, but resented her following the death of his son as they didn't get along. They both shared a kiss in the flat above the takeaway, although Liz urged Johnny to go back to his wife. Johnny and Jenny later became the new owners of the Rovers in August 2018 after Peter and Toyah decided to sell up.

In September 2018 Jim returned to Coronation Street, having finished his seven year sentence for armed robbery. He informed Liz that he had been digging into the death of their late infant daughter Katie, and discovered that the hospital had accidentally messed up the records, meaning their daughter was still alive. He introduced Liz to Hannah Gilmore, who Jim claimed was actually their daughter. Liz was shocked and upset, but wanted to catch up with the girl she thought she had lost. Hannah revealed she was suffering the same medical condition as Jim, and needed money for treatment. Unknown to Liz, this was a scam ran by Jim and Hannah, as Jim wanted revenge for his family "betraying" him when he was in prison. Hannah was also not their biological daughter, but his younger girlfriend that he corresponded with when in prison. Liz eventually found out the truth in October 2018, and despite Jim feeling remorse for his actions, Liz and the McDonald family banished Jim from the street for good, with him leaving with Hannah.

Liz's final scene in June 2020.

Liz was last seen in June 2020, standing behind the bar of the Rovers and asking Carla Connor if she was okay. Two months later Liz moved to Spain once again, which left Steve feeling lonely as he was feeling the strain of his son Oliver being seriously ill. Liz decided to remain in Spain for good and never returned to Coronation Street, and didn't return when Oliver passed away later in the year.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In October 2010 it was revealed that Beverley Callard was to leave the show again. However some plans ended up changing, as near the end of the year she took ill and took a temporary break (a similar thing happened) so Liz was omitted from the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, with her dialogue given to Sean Tully. She character returned in March 2011, before leaving a month later. Her exit storyline featured another return from ex-husband Jim McDonald with the looks of reconciliation, but Jim was imprisoned after robbing a building society so he and Liz can buy the Rovers from Steve. A tribute programme named Farewell Liz was aired, with Beverley saying she would be open to a return in future. Ironically enough, she would end up returning just two years later.
  • In May 2013 it was announced that Beverley would be returning to the show again, which would see the McDonald family taking over the Rovers Return once again. Her return aired in October that year.
  • It was announced in 2020 that Callard would leave the show for the fourth time, and seven years since her return. It was expected for the character to depart around mid-2020, but this was put on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which halted filming of Coronation Street, which delayed Liz's exit. She was expected to film her final scenes in July 2020 but Callard's contract expired before returning to filming, and Liz was mentioned to be staying in Spain the following month. In August 2020 it was revealed that she would make a return in 2021, and had to take time off due to personal problems that needed resolving. However following an operation, Callard confirmed that she wouldn't be back to film her exit. In February 2021 Callard stated that intended to never return to the show.


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Appearances: 27 Oct 1989-13 Nov 1998, 6 Oct 2000-12 Jan 2001, 19-30 Nov 2003, 13 Feb 2004-20 Mar 2009, 13 Aug 2009-5 Nov 2010, 14 Mar-14 Apr 2011, 14 Oct 2013-17 Jun 2020

Born: 3rd November 1957

Full Name: Elizabeth McDonald (Nee Greenwood)

Parents: George Greenwood and Nancy Greenwood

Siblings: None

Spouse: Jim McDonald (1974-1998; first marriage) (2000-2005; second marriage)

Children: Steve McDonald (1974), Andy McDonald (1974), Katie McDonald (1992)

Grandchildren: Amy Barlow, Oliver Tilsley