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Lucy Barlow nee Richards was a character in Coronation Street from 2002 to 2003. She was the birth mother of Simon Barlow and second wife of Peter Barlow. She passed away in 2008, leaving her son to be raised by Peter.

She was played by Katy Carmichael.



Lucy was born in 1975 to George Wilson and an unnamed woman. George became estranged from his daughter after divorcing his wife, and she had nothing to do with him growing up. In adulthood Lucy began a professional career as a florist.


Lucy met Peter Barlow when he was buying a bouquet for Shelley Unwin. He was attracted to Lucy and began an affair with her. Lucy, unknown to Peter, hired his sister Tracy to work at her shop, and Lucy revealed to Tracy that she was pregnant. Peter found out and married Lucy, even though he was engaged to Shelley, but he claimed that he was broken off with Shelley. Lucy kicked him out when she found out the truth. She gave birth to their son Simon in July 2003.

Peter ended up marrying Shelley despite being still married to Lucy. Shelley was unaware that her marriage was bigamous, until Lucy revealed her and Peter's wedding photos to a shocked Shelley in the Rovers. Shelley dumped Peter as a result, heartbroken by his treachery.

Lucy got her revenge on Peter by stating that she wanted to start over with him. But then she announced to the packed pub that she was leaving for Australia and taking Simon with her. Peter had to resign to the fact that he would never see his son again. Peter left Weatherfield a couple of days after Lucy and Simon's departure.

Death and aftermath[]

By 2008 Lucy returned to the United Kingdom, although didn't inform Peter. But in 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and contacted Peter for support. He turned up to help look after a now five year old Simon whilst Lucy was receiving treatment in hospital. She passed away in October 2008 at the age of 33. Peter informed his father Ken Barlow about Lucy's passing.

Peter felt out of depth suddenly being given the responsibilities of being a father, especially with a child who didn't really know him well. He returned to Weatherfield that year to get support from his family. Although he struggled with alcoholism and didn't make the perfect parent, he came to accept Simon and cared for him deeply.

Lucy's father George turned up on Coronation Street a year following her passing in an attempt to track her down and make amends for his absence. He was upset to discover her passing. He tried to make up for it by getting to know Simon, but later on Peter barred George from any future contact with Simon when George tried to use Peter's alcoholism to try and gain full time custody of the boy, but George himself ended up losing Simon during a trip to Blackpool.

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