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Luke Britton was a character in Coronation Street and was first seen in March 2014. He is the brother of Steph Britton and was a good friend of Andy Carver. Luke dated Tracy Barlow who is many years older than him. He became Phelan's fourth murder victim in Ep 9345/9346 (5 Jan 2018). Luke was played by Dean Fagan.



Luke Britton was born on the 29th December 1990.


Luke first appeared in March 2014 when he moved his sister Steph into her new flat. He later got a job at Websters Autos.

Luke was murdered in January 2018 by Pat Phelan, in order to prevent him reporting Phelan's victim Andy Carver missing to the police. Luke was shot by Phelan, who then shot out the petrol tank of his car and burned Luke to death.

Aftermath of death[]

Luke's death is headline news, well in Weatherfield.

The murder was suspected to be committed by a couple of racist brothers, as they had harassed both Luke and his girlfriend Alya Nazir, and went as far as to vadalise the garage and sending Alya a threatening letter. When Alya's family went public over the matter, they said they weren't afraid of the racists. When the street applauded their bravery, Phelan was one of them who joined in, portraying himself as a supportive member of the community "shocked" over Luke's murder, and even donated money to a kitty in the Rovers.

Phelan was eventually exposed for the murder of Luke, along with his involvement in the deaths of Michael, Vinny and Andy. Their deaths were avenged in June 2018 when Anna Windass stabbed Phelan, which led to his death.

Memorable info[]

Born: 29th December 1990


  • Luke Britton's departure from the show was kept a secret before his murder at the hands of Phelan.
  • In Episode 9349/9350 Luke's death is announced in the Weatherfield Gazette. If you look closely it says he was 27 years old.
  • Although departing in Ep 9345/9346 (5 Jan 2018), the character appears in Ep 9349/9350 (10 Jan 2018) via mobile footage, although Dean Fagan isn't credited for this appearance.