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Lynn Johnson.

Lynn Johnson was a character in Coronation Street in January 1975. She was a battered housewife who was killed by her husband Roy Johnson. Lynn was the second character in the show to be murdered, after Steve Tanner in 1968. Lynn was played by Ann Kennedy.



Born in about 1940, Lynn (Unknown maiden surname) married builder Roy Johnson. Lynn was about 15 years younger than Roy. Roy started to beat her up a lot.


In January 1975, Lynn Johnson, sick of being a punchbag for her husband, contacted Len Fairclough as he was a local councillor. He suggested that she goes into a womans refuge. Len was in a hurry and had to deliver a tender to a client. Lynn begged Len not to leave him alone in the house. Len got impatient with Lynn and she got hysterical so he told her to shut up, so much so, that the Barlows could hear arguing coming from next door. Len calmed down and said he really had to nip out for a minute or two. Lynn's husband had followed her there. Lynn's husband barged in and beat her to death. Albert Tatlock heard crashing and banging from next door. Jerry Booth and Ray Langton were called, and they found Lynn laying dead on the living room floor.

Len was a suspect in her murder but the truth outed in early February after Roy tried to get a friend to give him a false alibi. Roy then confessed to the murder.

Roy was later sent to prison for his wife's murder.

Memorable info[]

Born: Unknown

Died: 20th January 1975

Full Name: Lynn Johnson



Spouse: Roy Johnson (??-1975)

Children: None