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Marjorie Barlow was an unseen character and the sister of Frank Barlow. She was mentioned in 1961, and appeared in Coronation Street at War by Daran Little.



Marjorie was born in 1912. She was followed by her brother Frank Barlow the following year. Although Frank later went onto marry and have a son, Majorie was not interested in marriage.

Marjorie moved to Weatherfield to stay with sister-in-law Ida Barlow when her brother Frank was away fighting in the war.


When an air raid hit Weatherfield in 1940, rubble from the Raincoat Factory across the street fell off and buried Marjorie and her baby nephew Ken. They were uncovered but it was discovered that Marjorie had died but Ken survived, as she had shielded him from the damage.


  • Marjorie was mentioned in September 1961 during Ida's funeral, in which Ken mentioned that Frank had spoken to "Auntie Majorie". However Daran Little's book Coronation Street at War mentioned that Marjorie had died in 1940, 21 years before this event.

Memorable info[]

Born: 1912

Died: 1940 (age 27-28)

Full Name: Marjorie Barlow

Parents: Sidney Barlow & Edna Barlow

Siblings: Frank Barlow

Spouse: None

Children: None