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Mark Redman was the son of Mike Baldwin and Maggie Redman.

Estranged from Mike, Mark was raised to believe that Harry Redman was his biological father and was devastated by his death in 1991. By 1992, Maggie had began dating again - and at first Mark was embarrassed to learn that her boyfriend was his teacher Ken Barlow, but he eventually warmed to him. However, Ken was unaware of Maggie's connection to his long-term rival Mike until Deirdre Barlow made the connection. Ken and Deidre's daughter Tracy wasted no time in revealing to Mark the truth about his parentage.

Mike spoiled him but they fell out in 2000 when Mark had an affair with Mike's fiancée Linda Sykes.



Mark was born in 13th May 1983 (Later altered to 13th May 1981). As a baby, Mark was kept from Mike by his mother Maggie and Mike wanted access. Mike gave her an endowment policy on condition that he leaves them alone.

In the 1990s, Mark went to school with Nick Tilsley.

In 1999 Mark returned to Weatherfield and started dating Leanne Battersby. Linda Sykes, who was Mike's much younger girlfriend, caught them one night when Mike was away, and said she might tell Mike. Some time later, Mark soon started seeing Linda. The truth outed on Mike and Linda's wedding day. Although Mike chose to forgive Linda and marry her, he ended up disowning his son.

A year later in September 2001, Mike decided to reconnect with Mark, which came months following the death of Mike's ex-wife Alma Baldwin. Linda wasn't happy with Mike's attitude and he was falling out of love with her, so she attempted to restart her affair with Mark. Mark turned her down, and when Mike found out he sent her packing for good.

Mark later moved to Doncaster and met another woman, but his relationship with his father became estranged again, although Mark sent Mike his address in a Father's Day Card. In April 2006, Mark was surprised when Mike turned up on his doorstep unexpectedly, although Mike was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease at his point. Mike was confused due to his condition and when remembering Mark's affair with Linda (which happened over five years previously) he fled into the night. Mark contacted his family back in Weatherfield about Mike's disappearance, although Mike ended up in hospital.

Mike later died after suffering a heart attack, and Mark attended his funeral, in which he met his half-brothers Danny Baldwin and Adam Barlow. Before leaving he visited Adam, who revealed that Danny cheated him out of his inheritance of the factory. Mark told him that if he was a real Barlow he would contest the will. Mark then returned back to Doncaster, never to return to Weatherfield again.


  • Mark's age was retconned to two more years in order for him to attend school with Nick Tilsley, who was actually born two years before Mark.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 31 October 1983-22 February 1984, 3-17 December 1986, 12 June 1991, 4 September 1992-16 April 1993, 4 August 1993-28 January 1994, 11-18 April 1994, 10 August-2 September 1994, 5 August 1996, 14 November 1999-11 September 2000, 3-5 September 2001, 3-17 April 2006

Born: 13th May 1981 (Originally 13th May 1983)

Full Name: Mark Redman

Parents: Mike Baldwin and Maggie Redman

Siblings: Danny Baldwin (half, same father), Adam Barlow (half, same father)