Martha Fraser was the glamorous girlfriend of Ken Barlow, who he was seeing behind his wife Deirdre Barlow's back in 2009. She appeared from February to May 2009 and was played by Stephanie Beacham.





Following her departure, Stephanie Beacham said that she was up for a return to the show. However in 2012, she ruled out returning, admitting that she didn't see a realistic way for the character to return to the series, or forgive Ken for how he treated her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Martha's story with Ken was originally intended for Joanna Lumley's character Elaine Perkins, who appeared back in 1973 as Ken's girlfriend. As Joanna was unavailable to return to the show, the storyline was altered to instead include a new original character in the form of Martha Fraser.

Memorable InfoEdit