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Mary Osbourne (Nee Tatlock) was the aunty of Albert Tatlock. She first appeared in the Daran Little and Bill Hill novel Weatherfield Life chronically the lives of Weatherfield residents prior to 1960.



She was born to Louisa and Alfred Tatlock in the 1800s. She married Thomas Osbourne in 1895. Following her brother and sister-in-law's deaths Mary and her husband took responsibility of their nephews Albert Tatlock and Alfred Tatlock. When Albert was away fighting in World War II Mary and Thomas moved to the south of Manchester.


It is unknown what became of Mary after this and if she ever kept contact with Albert. She likely died at some point in the 20th century, presumably prior to the events of Coronation Street in 1960. It isn't known if she had any children, although seeing as this wasn't documented in Weatherfield Life it seems unlikely.


  • The character made her debut in Weatherfield Life in 1992, as part of the novel depicting life prior to Coronation Street's first episode in 1960. She later appeared in follow up book Around the Coronation Street Houses.

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Full Name:

Parents: Alfred Tatlock Snr and Louisa Tatlock

Siblings: Alfred Tatlock

Spouse: Thomas Osbourne (1895-)