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Mike Scott was a minor Coronation Street character, appearing in December 2008 and January 2009. He was a patient at Weatherfield General Hospital where Janice Battersby was doing community service, and the pair became friends. He died a month following their meeting.

He was played by Anthony Bessick.



Mike was admitted to Weatherfield General in December 2008 with a chest infection, which later developed into pneumonia. He met Janice Battersby when she was doing community service in the cafe at the hospital, and later joined her on a cigarette break. When he found out about the reasons behind her community service the pair shared a laugh over their misfortunes.

The following month Mike received an operation on the valve of his heart. A few days later he joined Janice for another cigarette, but ended up suffering a heart attack. Although Janice was going to rush to get help Mike stopped her and begged her not to leave him. She ended up getting a family nearby to get help from the hospital, and stayed by Mike's side until they arrived.

Mike passed away later on, with the news being broken to a devastated Janice. Later on her neighbour Emily Bishop (also a volunteer at the hospital) came to see her and brought flowers that were from Mike's wife, as a thanks to Janice for being at her husband's side in his last moments. The incident lead to Janice wanting to pursue a career in nursing.


  • Anthony Bessick reprised the role of Mike on the comedy show Harry Hills TV Burp, which poked fun at the character's death scene and poor acting.

Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 29 December 2008, 30 January 2009

Birth: Unknown

Death: 30th January 2009

Spouse: Laura Scott (?-2009)

Children: None