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Minnie Caldwell was a character in Coronation Street from Episode 2 (14 Dec 1960) to Ep 1589 - 7 Apr 1976. She was the timid friend of Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst. "Now Listen here Minnie Caldwell" said Ena to Minnie on many occasions. While she was a regular drinker at The Rovers Return in 1960, Minnie actually lived down neighbouring Jubilee Terrace until 1962 when she moved into Number 5 Coronation Street, in which she stayed there until 1976 when she retired to Whalley Bridge. She was played by actress Margot Bryant.



Minnie Carlton was born in September 1900 to Bob Carlton and Amy Carlton. She had an older sister Lettie Carlton. Minnie went to school with Janie Preston. Minnie married Armistead Caldwell in 1925 but they never had any children. Minnie was lifelong friends with Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst, as well as Handel Gartside. Armistead died in 1935. Minnie never remarried. Minnie lived with her mother at Jubilee Terrace. Minnie drunk at The Rovers Return, Coronation Street, a minutes walk from Jubilee Terrace.


Minnie Caldwell still lived at Jubilee Terrace in December 1960 and used The Rovers Return in Coronation Street as her local pub. At 60, she still had a living parent. In July 1962 her mother Amy died and soon afterwards, Minnie moved into Number 5 Coronation Street, previously the home of the Hayes family. Minnie, Ena and Martha often drank in the Rovers Snug and put the world to rights. Jed Stone became Minnie's lodger. In May 1964, Martha Longhurst died of a heart attack in the Snug. Ena and Minnie were devastated, and the famous trio became a duo. In 1969 Minnie went missing but was later found. 1969 proved to be an eventful year for Minnie as she, along with many other residents, were injured on a day out when their coach crashed. Minnie and her friends and neighbours soon recovered. Minnie occasionally gambled. In 1974, Minnie was to marry Albert Tatlock but she decided not to. In late 1974, Jed Stone was due to see Minnie but was unavailable so Eddie Yeats was sent in Jed's place, as he was a cellmate of Eddie.

In April 1976, Minnie went to visit Handel Gartside in Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire and never returned to Coronation Street. In October that year, Handel paid a visit to see Ena to say Minnie had decided to stay on permanently, and would not be returning to Coronation Street. Minnie's landlord, Edward Wormold was selling No 5. After living independently by herself for many years, Minnie was told she would be looked after by Handel. Minnie did not return to Weatherfield, not even for a farewell party.

After 1976[]

Minnie Caldwell remained in Whalley Bridge after 1976 and never returned to Weatherfield again. Ena Sharples felt lonely as she no longer had her 2 best friends around her, and a few years later in 1980 she herself left Weatherfield for the last time and moved to St Anne's.

Minnie's former lodger Jed Stone kept a photo of Minnie on his mantelpiece at his home 23 Nightingale Terrace as well as several other photographs taken in the 1960s. He took to calling his own cat Sunny Jim from the nickname that she gave him.

By 2008 it is highly unlikely that Minnie was still alive by then as she would have been 108 that September. Out of the original trio, Ena, Minnie and Martha, Minnie is the only one not officially confirmed dead.



Behind the Scenes[]

  • Minnie's post-Weatherfield life hasn't really been discussed, although it is more than likely she was deceased by the time Jed Stone returned in August 2008. She would have been almost 108 by then, so very likely had died years earlier.
  • Unlike her timid, cosy character, Margot Bryant was a tough lady in real life, and she used to swear a lot on set. It seems Margot was more like Ena Sharples than her own character Minnie Caldwell. However she was best friends with Eileen Derbyshire (who portrayed Emily Bishop), and knitted Derbyshire's son a jumper.
  • Whilst Minnie is likely deceased (as she would be past hundred in the 21st Century), she is the only one out of the original trio with Ena and Martha not be confirmed dead in any official just like Annie Walker.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
15 Jubilee Terrace 1925 to 15th August 1962
5 Coronation Street 15th August 1962 to 21st December 1970
1 Coronation Street 21st December 1970 to 18th January 1971
5 Coronation Street 18th January 1971 to October 1976
Whaley Bridge October 1976 to unknown date

Employment history[]

Role Institution Duration
Mill worker Earnshaw's Mill Unknown

Memorable Information[]

Appearances: 14 December 1960–7 April 1976

Born: 28th September 1900

Died: Before 2008

Full Name: Minnie Caldwell (Nee Carlton)

Parents: Bob Carlton and Amy Carlton

Siblings: Lettie Carlton

SpousesArmistead Caldwell (1925-1935)

Children: None

Cousins: Bertha