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Molly Cosette Dobbs (nee Compton) was the wife of Tyrone Dobbs and mother of Jack Webster. She was killed in the Tram Crash Week in 2010. Molly was played by Vicky Binns.



Molly was born to Diggory Compton and an unknown woman in 1984. Her mother passed away. During her school years she was bullied by Fiz Brown, who would become her future neighbour.


Molly first appeared in September 2005 to help her father out at his bakery on Victoria Street. She got revenge on Fiz for her bullying by flirting with Fiz's boyfriend Kirk Sutherland. Molly began working for Dev Alahan at his corner shop and her father later left the area after his business went bust.

Molly began dating resident Tyrone Dobbs and moved in with him and his surrogate parents Jack and Vera Duckworth. Molly formed a close relationship with Vera, and was devastated by her passing in January 2008. Later in the year Tyrone got engaged to Molly and they married in January 2009, although his mother Jackie Dobbs ruined the event by stealing their wedding tickets.

In 2009 Molly took part in running to keep fit, although Tyrone wasn't interested. Molly took up the hobby with Tyrone's friend and business partner Kevin Webster, and the pair of them formed a close relationship and began having an affair, even though they were both married. The affair caused Molly to become tense and often annoyed with Tyrone, as she began falling out of love with him and instead wanting Kevin. Later in the year her and Kevin planned to runaway together and start a new life, and that it would take place on Christmas Day. But just as Molly was about to confess her plan to Tyrone Kevin interrupted them and stopped her from telling the truth. Later Kevin revealed that his wife Sally had found out she has breast cancer, and that he can't leave her at a time like this. An emotional Molly tried to convince Kevin to still be with her, but Kevin refused and told Molly to "grow up".

In February 2010 Molly decided to leave Tyrone and moved in above the corner shop. Tyrone sensed Molly was having an affair and wrongfully believed it was Dev and struck him. Tyrone realised his mistake and apologised to Dev for his behaviour. Tyrone's mother Jackie returned and had a spat with Molly in the street for hurting Tyrone. Molly later found out she was pregnant and planned to leave the street to stay with her father, but was stopped by Tyrone who wanted back with her, believing the baby was his. Molly agreed and Tyrone turfed his mother out, annoyed at her constant need for trouble.

Molly was later involved in a car crash when her and Tyrone went to see her dad. Kevin was meant to check over the car but got distracted by his daughter Sophie, and Tyrone took the car without making sure it had the all clear. The breaks failed which resulted in the accident. When Molly found out Kevin failed to check the breaks she accused him of trying to kill her baby. She decided against telling the police, and attempted to convince Tyrone that they should move away and start over.

In September 2010 Molly gave birth to her son Jack, which was delivered by Sally. Kevin and Sally agreed to be godparents when offered by Tyrone, although Molly wasn't happy as she didn't want Kevin near her son. During the Christening Kevin obtained Jack's dummy and sent it off for analysis, with the results revealing he was the father. When discussing the results a terminally ill Jack Duckworth overheard the conversation and realised that baby Jack wasn't Tyrone's. Jack confronted Molly in the pub on the day of his birthday and told her that if she didn't love Tyrone anymore she should leave him and not lead him astray. Molly convinced Jack that she was still in love with Tyrone. This would be their last conversation, as Jack passed away that evening in his chair.

Tyrone attempted to convince Molly to have another baby. She wasn't interested and took the pill, and Tyrone wasn't pleased when he found out the truth. Despite Molly's promises to Jack she realised she no longer loved Tyrone anymore, and in early December revealed her intentions to leave him. Tyrone refused and begged her not to take their son away. Molly revealed to Tyrone that baby Jack wasn't his child, and refused to disclose the truth. She walked out on Tyrone with Jack and went to the corner shop and revealed that she had left Tyrone and was handing in her notice. Molly was trapped at the front of the shop when an explosion at the Joinery caused a tram to derail and crash into the shop, pinning Molly against the wall. As the hours went in Molly's situation became critical as she was bleeding out. Sally was given permission to be with her while baby Jack was freed. In her final moments Molly revealed that Kevin was the father of Jack and their adultery. An emotionally distraught Sally took her hand away from Molly, and watched as she passed away.

Aftermath of death[]

Molly's confession about her affair with Kevin had a profound effect on those affected. After the tram crash incident Sally broke up with Kevin and he moved out. On the day of Molly's funeral Tyrone discovered the truth and punched out Kevin, causing him to fall into Molly's open grave. Tyrone found himself unable to take care of Jack and gave him over to Kevin, the latter whom intended to fix his mistakes by raising his son. The incident completely ended the marriage of the Websters, although they did make an attempt to get back together which didn't work out.

The revelation also ruined Tyrone and Kevin's friendship, although they bitterly worked together at the garage to keep the business from going. Kevin hoped to buy Tyrone out and allow him to move on, but Tyrone refused and remained.

Overtime Kevin's relationship with Tyrone and his family did begin to heal. Despite not reconciling with Sally he did remain on good terms with her and they remained friends. His friendship with Tyrone mended in 2013, especially after Kevin helped support him when Tyrone was being abused by his girlfriend Kirsty Soames.

In 2020, 10 years directly after the Tram Crash Kevin took his son Jack to Molly's grave with Debbie.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Molly was axed from the show in 2010 by newly appointed producer Phil Collinson, which was a mutual decision between him and actress Vicky Binns. Molly was killed off during the Tram Crash Week to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the show. She was the third character to die from the tram crash incident during that week.

Memorable Info[]

Born: 1984

Died: 9th December 2010

Full Name:

Parents: Diggory Compton and Mrs Compton



Children: Jack Webster (2010)