Corrie nancy leathers

Nancy Leathers.

Nancy Leathers was a minor character in Coronation Street in 1961 and 1962. She was the mother of Ida Barlow and the grandmother of Ken Barlow and David Barlow.



Nancy was born in about 1892 in Weatherfield. She married George Leathers in about 1912 and they had 3 children Ethel Leathers, Vera Leathers and Ida Leathers in December 1916. George died in action in World War One when Nancy was pregnant with Ida. Ida was born in December 1916.

After her husband died in 1916 Nancy never remarried.


By 1961 Nancy was about 70 years old and stayed with the Barlows for a while until she was rehoused in a OAP bungalow. Nancy;s health was deteriorating. She was able to attend the wedding of her grandson Ken to Valerie Tatlock in August 1962. She died soon after.

Nancy had supposedly died by April 1965 when her great grandchildren Peter Barlow and Susan Barlow were born but nothing has as yet been confirmed. She was definitely dead by 1970 when the twins were 5.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: About 1892

Died: Inbetween August 1962 and January 1965

Full Name: Nancy Leathers



Spouse: George Leathers (c1912-1916)

Children: Ethel Leathers, Vera Leathers, Ida Leathers (1916)

Grandchildren: Ken Barlow, David Barlow