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Neil Fearns was the absent father of Bethany Platt. He appeared in two episodes of Coronation Street in March 2000, and died off-screen three years later in September 2003.



Neil attended Weatherfield Comprehensive, in which he was a classmate of Sarah Louise Platt. In late 1999, the pair slept with each other, which unknowingly at the time caused Sarah to become pregnant, a fact she would learn the following year just after her thirteenth birthday.


When Sarah's parents Gail and Martin found out that she was pregnant, they got Sarah to take them to the school to point out the father. When they pointed out Neil, they were shocked at how young he looked, as they originally imagined the boy to be much older and taking advantage of Sarah.

When Sarah was being teased at school over the pregnancy, Neil approached her to see if she was alright, however she told him to get lost. Neil's father Mr Fearns went to visit Gail at Roy's Rolls, where he offered to pay child support and make sure that Neil takes responsibility for the child. However Gail felt it was better that Neil should enjoy his childhood whilst he still can, and turned down Mr Fearn's offer.

Sarah gave birth to a baby girl Bethany in June 2000. On her first birthday, Neil's family sent the Platts a cheque. Neil would never get to see his daughter.


Neil died off-screen in a car crash in September 2003. Sarah took a three year old Bethany to attend his funeral.


Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 6th & 26th March 2000

Birth: 1987

Death: 13th September 2003 (Age 16)

Parents: Mr Fearns and Brenda Fearns

Siblings: Two younger half sisters

Children: Bethany Platt (2000)