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Owen Armstrong was a character in Coronation Street from 2010 to Ep 8618 - 15 Apr 2015. He was the boyfriend of Anna Windass. Owen was the father of Izzy Armstrong and Katy Armstrong. Owen was originally portrayed as a bit of a villian, using violence to solve problems. But he soon mellowed into a more responsible man although he did clash with Pat Phelan, a rival builder and continued to maintain a bit of a temper. He was the partner of Anna Windass, although their relationship fell apart following their conflict with Phelan in 2014 which left the Armstrong and Windass families in debt. Owen left the street for a new life in Aberdeen in April 2015.

Owen was played by Ian Puleston-Davies.



Owen Armstrong was born on the 21st September 1958.


After 2015[]

In 2016 when Izzy was arrested for taking drugs, Anna asked if she informed Owen, in which she said she didn't. Owen was seemingly not informed when Izzy was found guilty.

In October 2017 after Katy was killed in a car crash, Owen phoned Izzy from Portugal to inform her on what happened. After Chesney heard the news he flew over to Portugal in order to collect Joseph. Owen's current living situation following Katy's death is unknown.


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Memorable info[]

Born: 21st September 1958

Full Name: Owen Armstrong

Parents: unknown

Siblings: unknown

Spouse: Linda Hancock (early 1980s to early 1990s)

Children: Izzy Armstrong (1986), Katy Armstrong (1994)

Grandchildren: Joseph Brown, Jake Windass