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Patrick James Phelan was a fictional character in Coronation Street who first appeared on a recurring basis in 2013 and 2014, up to Ep 8365 - 14 Apr 2014, and returned full time in Ep 8819/8820 (18 Jan 2016). He got his supposed comeuppance in Ep 9417/9418 (30 Mar 2018) but in true Phelan style, he survived the fall into the water. He returned in May 2018 for one final outburst but was finally a goner in Ep 9471 (1 June 2018). His first ever appearance was Ep 8226 - 2 Oct 2013. Phelan was a builder who first arrived as a client of Owen Armstrong who hadn't paid him for a job, and then employed him but stitched him up. He then made advances towards Owen's girlfriend Anna Windass. In 2014, Phelan and his wife went to live in Dubai. In 2015, Owen and Anna split up and he left Weatherfield for Aberdeen. Phelan returned in early-2016 to cause more trouble for Anna and Gary but then started a relationship with Eileen Grimshaw. Phelan is similar to Alan Bradley, a sinister man who will do anything to get what he wants. He even allowed arch-rival Michael Rodwell to die of a heart attack. Due to his villainy, he is mostly referred to other characters and viewers by his surname, Phelan and is arguably the show's most evil antagonist. He was played by Connor McIntyre.

Phelan finally got his comeuppance in 2018 when his arch enemy Anna Windass stabbed him to death. One thing though, Phelan will never ever be forgotten. During his four years on the show, Phelan had become one of the shows most memorable characters, similar to Alan Bradley and Richard Hillman.


1964-2013: Backstory

Young Phelan with Annabel Rubinstein.

Patrick James Phelan was born on 30 October 1963 in Liverpool, of Irish Catholic heritage, to Mr. Phelan and Mrs. Phelan. Pat's grandfather died a couple of weeks after his twenty-fifth birthday after receiving a medal.

Phelan grew up in the Liverpool suburb of Croxteth. His mum had a cooking recipe whom Phelan would later pass on to his future wife Eileen Grimshaw. As an adolescent, Phelan shot a hare and watched it die. He took pleasure out of this. This was the start of the sadistic, villainous side to him. It is unknown what Phelan's mother was like, but if she was strict and abusive, it could have exacerbated his misogynistic streak.

What Phelan was like at school is unknown but it seems he may have been a bully, if his adulthood is anything to go by, he probably played mind games and had other classmates under his thumb.

In 1981, aged seventeen, Phelan left Liverpool after the Toxteth Riots and moved to Reading, Berkshire. Phelan's father died a year or so after the July 1981 riots. He then found work as a builder and ironically one contract was in Liverpool, of all the places. In 1989, Phelan met Annabel Rubinstein but one time he forced himself on her, resulting in pregnancy. Annabel was married to Isaac Rubinstein at the time. This would come back to haunt Phelan 27 years later. In May 1990, Annabel gave birth to a daughter, Nicola Rubenstein; who Isaac raised as his own.

Phelan later moved to Weatherfield in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Phelan set himself up as a builder but had a reputation for ripping people off. He met and married Val in 1997. Due to his sleaziness, he was often referred to by his surname Phelan instead of his first name Pat.

Phelan lived in a huge mansion, built by the proceeds of his scams.

2013–2014: War with Owen and Co

Phelan was a client of Owen Armstrong of Coronation Street. He refused to pay him for a job Owen did. In the end

The first ever glimpse of a legend, Patrick James Phelan.

Owen and Gary Windass broke into his house and stoke his motorbike. Phelan paid the £4,000 he was due Owen, when he threatened to tell Valerie about his endless extramarital affairs. Owen and Phelan parted ways for a few months. Later on at Christmas 2013, Phelan turned up at Owen's house and offered him a business proposal. He wanted Owen to invest £80,000 into the business so he could make £200,000 in profits. Phelan started harassing Anna Windass, Owen's girlfriend. Phelan was injured while on the job during a row with Gary Windass. Gary knocked Phelan unconscious. Gary thought he had killed Phelan so alerted Owen but by the time they returned to the yard, Phelan was gone. Phelan recovered but he had CCTV footage of Gary attacking him and said he would take it to the police if Owen and Gary did not conform to his demands. So Phelan blackmailed Owen into working for him for no profit and carried on making life difficult for Owen, Anna and Gary. Phelan even said he would keep the money Owen invested with the building company or he


would report Gary to the police for attacking him. Anna Windass said this was affecting Gary's health. Phelan said he would release Owen from the contract if Anna slept with him. Anna said he made her sick to the pit of her stomach but as she saw how ill it was making Gary due to stress, she slept with Phelan. Phelan released Owen from the contract and in April 2014, him and Val moved to Dubai.

Anna Windass, Gary Windass, Owen Armstrong and Kevin Webster were finally free from Phelan. Or so they thought. Owen did leave Weatherfield in 2015, before Phelan planned his return. Phelan had split from Valerie by 2016, so he decided to return home to the UK, and back to Weatherfield.

2016–2017: Back on the prowl

Phelan returned in January 2016 and began working on the arches as part of a new business venture set up by Kevin Webster to expand his garage. By that point, Owen was long gone, having left nine months earlier. Anna Windass

Phelan is back.

was aghast to see Phelan back in town but he said if she left him alone he would leave her alone.

After Carla Connor attempted to stop Jamie Bowman from speeding off with her handbag after being held hostage by him at the Bistro, Phelan stepped in front of the car to try and stop it, which forced Kevin to tackle him off the road. Anna then arrived to see if Kevin was ok, and Phelan and her locked eyes. Phelan then attended to an injured Carla and phoned an ambulance.

Phelan and Kevin befriended each other quickly and told Kevin he had learned his lesson from what went on before with Owen, without telling him about the situation with Anna. When Gary Windass saw Phelan chatting with Kevin, he lunged at him. Phelan pretended to be scared so did not fight back. Anna did not tell Kevin the whole truth about her and Phelan, how he made her sleep with him to release Owen from the building contract. Todd Grimshaw warned Jason not to trust Phelan. Phelan started making jibes at Anna again. Kevin began to wonder if Phelan was all she said he was after all. In February 2016, she took an axe to his van. Kevin walked in on Phelan threatening Anna. Kevin realised Phelan was a bad lot and their friendship soon turned to rivalry. Michael Rodwell and Phelan argued over the affections of Eileen Grimshaw, seeing as Phelan was friends with Jason, her son.

Phelan remained friends with Jason and even offered Andy Carver some work. Phelan and Michael clashed and in March 2016, Michael had a heart attack in front of Phelan. Phelan stood and gloated until he heard Jason coming and then pretended that he had just found Michael. Michael was rushed to hospital. Phelan hoped he would die but Michael made a recovery. Phelan said he would take care of Eileen when she left Michael's hospital room.

Michael left the area and Phelan sensed that Eileen's younger son Todd Grimshaw did not like him. Todd fobbed him

For once Phelan is the recipient of a punch when Johnny strikes him for attacking his son Aiden

off but Phelan said he was born way back in the 1960s not yesterday. He also told Eileen about one of his mum's recipe. The rivalry between Todd and Phelan continued when he saw Phelan outside the community hall, and an hour later it had been broken into. The hall did not have any CCTV but CCTV from the builders yard opposite had been unplugged and when Phelan "found" the CCTV was unplugged Todd believed he had done it deliberately.

Phelan hid a toolbox belonging to Jason's father Tony Stewart as it was suspected it may contain the weapon used to kill Callum Logan. But Jason decided to hand it into the police, and got Pat to retrieve it. It came back that the police were convinced Tony was responsible, which crushed Jason. When Callum's old friend Gemma Winter warned Callum's other mates were looking for revenge, Jason worried he would be a target. Taking advantage of the situation, Pat hired someone to torch Jason's van to make it look like a revenge attack. Phelan continued to manipulate Jason further and convinced him to take a break and leave his business for him to run in his absence. Jason agreed and departed the street for Thailand after an emotional farewell, as a satisfied Phelan looked on.

Phelan met with the man he hired to torch the van and they plotted in the builder's yard office to steal the funds from Jason's account. However, Phelan faced a step back as it turned out Eileen as left with the responsibility by Jason to manage the accounts, putting his plan to a stand still for now.

Phelan convinced Eileen to raise the rent on the Builder's Yard flat, which occupants Andy Carver and Steph Britton claimed they couldn't afford. Michael returned to the scene as a situation between Andy and Steph and Phelan and Eileen got heated in Rovers Return Inn. Michael clocked that Phelan was just up to his schemes again, and offered to move in with the couple to help them pay the rent.

Phelan's scheme was soon revealed when his consociate Vinny Ashford arrived to discuss their plot; the pair planned to swindle Eileen in a homes scheme that actually saw no building work, a plan to rip people off. Michael Rodwell tried to expose Phelan so went to the office where the scheme was supposed to be taking place and saw no work being carried out. Phelan caught him on the site and when Michael was trying to run away, he had a heart attack and Phelan did not call for an ambulance. Phelan stood and watched Michael write in agony. A while later, Michael died and evil Phelan made a sign of the cross.

But for once, Phelan was the victim when Vinny Ashford withdrew all the money they conned out of the bank and headed off to Hawaii. As Michael's death was suspected to be foul play because he was on to Phelan, Phelan said that maybe Vinny had something to do with Michael's death.

In December 2016 Phelan began receiving hate mail through the post, which he assumed was from his clients

Phelan breaks the 4th wall in 2016. He looks at the camera.

wanting payback for their loss. But when going out for a chippy, he spotted Anna posting a letter through Eileen's door and clocked on she was the culprit. When Eileen told Phelan she would phone the police, Phelan assured her he would deal with it, and made up that he felt sorry for Anna due to her being burned in a road accident a couple of months back. Phelan went to the cafe and got Anna when she was alone, and mocked her for her permanent injuries on her legs and warned her not to cross him again. When Kevin found out he threatened Phelan at the Builders Yard, only to be taken away by Luke Britton. Later that evening when locking up, Phelan was attacked from behind by Andy, who clubbed Phelan over the head in retribution for what happened to Michael. Steph found Phelan and called for Andy, before then phoning the emergency services.

Phelan woke up in hospital and Andy played dumb and visited him, hinting that Kevin Webster did it, hoping to frame him for the assault but Phelan then remembered it was Andy and told him he owns Andy now or he will go to the police.

When Andy failed to show up the next morning Phelan phoned him while Andy was at work and warned him to come round. Andy feigned being unwell and got away, and arrived at the hospital where Phelan took delight in making him squirm, and ordered him to get him tea. Phelan then made a proposition to Andy, and informed him that due to his money troubles he will need some cash and that he wants Andy to get it. Andy tells Phelan that he is skint himself, but Phelan warns him that unless Andy does what he says he will be on the phone to the police.

Phelan and Andy had a face off when Andy was about to expose the fraudulent criminal activities of Phelan. Phelan supposedly had killed Andy by hitting him over the head with an object several times. It was also Phelan's wedding day. Phelan married Eileen Grimshaw that day.

2017: Attempt at redemption; Becoming a murderer

Phelan began working for Ken Barlow on doing up his kitchen, although the venture took weeks. Phelan also employed Seb Franklin as his new right-hand man. Seb is the boyfriend of Faye Windass.

In March 2017 Phelan became a suspect on the attack on Ken Barlow at Number 1 Coronation Street, as the pair of them had a disagreement earlier that day when Ken questioned Phelan's motives for drawing out the building work. Phelan was subsequently questioned by the police. However, Todd provided an alibi by showing the police secret footage he had taken of Phelan doing work on Luke Britton's flat, which was part of a joke. This joke saved Phelan from further incrimination and he was later released. Phelan informed the Barlow family that he was now in the clear, which now left them (along with Sinead Tinker) as the remaining suspects to be bothered by the police.

Phelan met Nicola Rubenstein, Seb's case worker. It was hinted that Phelan knew someone with the surname Rubenstein. He took Nicola and Seb to his hometown of Liverpool and he said how he left the city in July 1981 after the Toxteth Riots. Phelan's nicer side surfaced.

After a DNA test proved Phelan was Nicola's father, it transpired that Andy was alive and being held hostage by Phelan. Nice guy Phelan? Gerraway! (As Hilda Ogden would say). Leopards never change their spots. In August 2017, Andy attempted to escape by trying to strangle Phelan to death, but Phelan was again successful in preventing another attempt on his life. Angry, he took away Andy's mattress as penance and later found a note stashed in it which Andy wrote asking for help. With his patience truly tested, Phelan returned to the property armed with a hammer, which caused Andy to fear that Phelan would finish him off. Phelan stated that even though Andy was the one locked up, it was Phelan himself who felt he was prisoner. Phelan left the basement, hinting to Andy that he may not return ever again and would leave him to die. Phelan later burned the mattress and made amends with Nicola (who wanted to donate it to charity) but purchasing some new mattresses for her venture, and won her over.

Phelan yet again played the blame game and said to Andy that he should be focusing on his newly found daughter but is still committed to keeping Andy hostage. "You need to die so I can live" said Phelan to Andy, when in reality Phelan probably cared little or nothing about Nicola. In early September 2017 Phelan decided he was sick of holding Andy hostage and said he was going to let him go, on the condition he leaves the country and never returns, and keeps his mouth shut. Phelan soon got cold feet but then hatched a plan. He got the passports and money ready and took Andy to his van. Phelan then staged a crash. Andy broke free from the back of the van and saw Phelan "unconscious". He called for an ambulance but then was prepared to let him die. Andy then took the money and ran off. Phelan then opened his eyes. Phelan then gave chase but as Andy was malnourished, he fell into a ditch and was recaptured by Phelan, and taken back to "Hotel Patrick Phelan", the dingy cellar of the derelict house.

Phelan developed a rivalry with Daniel Osbourne. He even managed to FaceTime Vinny Ashford over the computer and told Vinny to return to England within a week or Vinny and his ailing mother will experience what he is capable of. Seb let slip that he has spoken to Phelan's arch enemy Anna Windass about her suggesting he has a pay rise. Phelan accused Seb of being a spy for Anna, so fired him. Seb said he cannot just sack him as there are laws but Phelan says if Seb does not leave he will escort him off the site. Seb left.

Having had passionate sex with Eileen, Phelan remained alone in the house when she headed out, only to be attacked by an intruder sent to kill him by Vinny. The man whacks Phelan over the head, but being Phelan he comes out on top and scares that man away. Phelan showed concern for Eileen's safety, but was relieved to see she was alright. He deceived Eileen into falling for his "fear", claiming that someone gave him a prank call saying she had been in a car accident. Later that night Phelan went to the nursing home, telling Vinny's mum he was taking her for a little "trip". However, he was ecstatic to learn that Vinny was coming to visit her the next day.

Phelan later visited Vinny in a remote area at night and Vinny gave Phelan all the money back he owed him. But Phelan koshed him over the head and took him to Hotel Patrick Phelan, aka the dingy, dark cellar with Andy.

Phelan wanted Andy to kill Vinny. Phelan then made Andy and Vinny get into the back of a van. Andy and Vinny conspired to try and overpower Phelan when he opened the van door. But as usual, Phelan came out on top and took Andy and Vinny to a derelict factory. He then made Andy shoot Vinny dead. Phelan then turned the gun on Andy and dumped their bodies in the local canal.

2017-2018: Trying to keep the truth hidden

Phelan then went on a relaxing holiday with Eileen, which is well deserved after his recent troubles. But before going, he whispered into a comatosed Seb's ear that Anna pushed him off a ladder and tried to kill him, which the lad believed. Although Phelan is on holiday, soaking up the November sun, he is no doubt satisfied he gets to ruin Anna's life once more.

Upo his return, Phelan told Anna Windass that they were going to share a grandchild as his daughter Nicola is pregnant with Anna's son Gary Windass' baby. Anna said she did not want to pretend to play happy families but as usual, Phelan got the upper hand and said if Anna refuses, he will set her up for trying to kill Seb so she gets done for attempted murder. Anna tried to trick Phelan into warming to him while recording their drink together. Phelan asked Anna to admit that she tried to kill Seb. She threw Phelan out. Phelan then told Seb that Anna pushed him off the ladder and Anna was arrested. Phelan then blackmailed Gary Windass into helping him win back his daughter Nicola or he would tell Sarah Lou about Gary being the father of Nicola's baby. Oh Phelan, how many more times will you have people under your thumb?

Phelan took Seb under his wing and gave him a home after his mother was dealing drugs again and neglecting Seb's younger siblings who were taken into foster care.

In Decemmber 2017, Phelan had to manipulate Luke about Andy as Luke wanted his address in Birmingham as it turned out his Bristol address was false. Phelan said he has the address somewhere but has lost it. In reality, it gave him time to yet again successfully cover his tracks. Phelan gave Luke a false address and Luke went to Birmingham on a wild goose chase. He asked if Phelan knows more about Andy than he is letting on. Phelan yet again managed to pull the wool over another person's eyes when he got Matt to say that Andy does not want to be contacted by Luke or anyone else from Weatherfield and to leave him alone. Luke accepted this and Phelan bought him a pint as a "peace offering".

Anna was still onto Phelan and escaped from her hospital bed when a prison guard was temporarily distracted. She went on the run and Gary and her hatched a plan to get Phelan out of the way for an hour or so in order for her to break into his builders yard and find evidence that she is being set up. Phelan got wind of Gary's plans and told him not to make a fool of him again. Eileen saw the builders yard gate open and went upstairs. Anna heard footsteps and hid with a wrench and then hit Eileen over the head with it. She then saw it was Eileen and not Phelan and ran off but was arrested later on after Phelan saw Eileen unconscious. Anna was remanded in prison. Phelan made a visit to Anna and, in a very low monotone voice, told Anna how she is lucky she is in jail as he would finish her off if she was still outside. She slapped Phelan.

In January 2018, Phelan disowned Seb when Seb got a job with Gary Windass, Phelan's worst enemy outside Gary's mother Anna. Phelan told Seb to be gone from No 11 by morning. The job Seb had with Gary was at the old mill that Phelan killed Vinny and Andy at. This slightly worried Phelan. Phelan cleaned the gun used to kill Andy but he wore gloves to handle it from there on, and kept it in a brown box under the stairs. Seb grovelled to Phelan for his old job back and Phelan "forgave him". Phelan then asked Seb to get a brown box out of the cupboard below the stairs, that Eileen never uses. Seb saw the gun. Phelan claimed he had the gun if ever a past enemy caught up with him. He got Seb drunk and Seb touched the gun. Seb put the gun in the box and back in the small cupboard under the stairs. It had all of his fingerprints all over it. Phelan could then set Seb up for the murder of Andy.

Luke found a model house of Andy's at Streetcars. Andy liked to make model houses. Luke then saw one at Phelan and Eileen's home. Yet again Luke thought that any lead on missing Andy seemed to hark back to Phelan. Luke knew that Phelan knew more than he was letting on. Luke kept his eye on Phelan and saw him chatting to Matt, the man who Phelan got to lie to Luke about Andy. Luke asked Seb where Phelan was working so went there, and found Phelan fishing a shoe out of the river. Luke wanted answers about Andy and said he is going to report him as a missing person. Phelan hit Luke round the back of the head with a rock. Luke fought back and left Phelan on the ground. Luke drove off, with Phelan in hot pursuit. Phelan ran Luke off the road so that he crashed. Phelan then shot at Luke but Luke cowered in the seats. Phelan then shot at the petrol cap, making the car explode while saying "You want to see Andy? Say hellp to him from me". The explosion killed Luke. Oh Phelan!!!! Will you ever stop?

A day or 2 later, word got round that Luke was missing. Seb saw Phelan burning some things in the back yard. Phelan said it was just wood from the building site. It was soon revealed that Luke has been found dead. Seb hears this, and has a feeling that Phelan is involved in Luke's death as Luke was looking for Phelan the day he died and he saw Phelan acting odd the day after. Later that night, Seb rummages around in the metal bin and sees Luke's burned jeans. Phelan watches from upstairs and looks worried. The net may start to be closing in on Phelan. Seb worked out that it must have been Phelan who killed Luke. Phelan menaces Seb into silence but Seb is still sure. Phelan attend's Luke's candle lit memorial in the street. He pretends that God should have mercy on whoever did this.

Seb does a runner. Anna is contacted by Seb to say that Phelan killed Luke. Anna tries to warn Eileen but she says that Phelan would not hurt a fly. Phelan is later asked about the death of Luke by the police. He comes voluntarily to the police station. Tim and Gary watch on, wishing Phelan was in handcuffs. They let him go due to lack of evidence. Phelan is angry at wife Eileen for thinking he had something to do with Luke's death.

Phelan watched Anna Windass' trial. The evidence showed that Anna had tried to kill Seb by pushing him off the ladder. She was well and truly set up. As she was taken away, Phelan rubbed her nose in it saying it is justice. Seb was hiding away with Nicola Rubenstein, Phelan's daughter. Seb was sure than Phelan had killed Luke Britton. Nicola wanted to win Phelan's trust so she could get access to his house, as she knew he was a bad man, and wished she never found out he was her blood father. She hoped to dig up dirt on Phelan and bring him down once and for all.

In late January 2018, Luke's sister Steph Britton returned for his funeral. Steph was sure that Phelan had something to do with Andy's death and vowed to expose him. A week following the funeral, Phelan caught Steph and Gary talking to each other in the cafe and when approaching her she gave him the cold shoulder. He confronted her in an alleyway beside the garage, and in an attempt to throw off the scent about Andy he made out that she knew where he was. Steph denied this and pushed Phelan aside and left the street once again, refusing to discuss further with Gary about what Phelan had put Andy through the previous year with the blackmail. Phelan went to see Nicola and when he dropped her off at the house, she put him off inviting him in for coffee. This aroused his suspicions and he spotted her curtain twitching, but chose not to say anything.

The following day Phelan popped into Street Cars to give Eileen a cake, only to find she wasn't there due to having a dental appointment. As he waited, Steve took a call from Faye Windass, who wanted a taxi to Nicola's flat. His suspicions aroused, Phelan waited at outside the flat and confronted Faye when she arrived, and marched her upstairs to see why she wanted to see Nicola. Nicola let them in, and Phelan demanded the truth from Faye as to why she would see him. In order to get Phelan out of the flat, Nicola claimed that she was bleeding after going to the toilet and feared that she was going to lose the baby. Panicked, Phelan took her to the hospital, where she got a scan and to their relief the baby was fine. Phelan was smitten when the baby's gender was identified as a boy. He suggested to Nicola that she should move in with him and Eileen, and although she was skeptical at first, she accepted.

March-June 2018: Fall into the sea, supposed death, and re emergence, and death

Andy and Vinnie's bodies were later discovered when the columns of the building site that Phelan had built had to be demolished and rebuilt due to Phelan's shoddy workmanship. Gary and Seb spent the night smashing down the columns, knowing that Phelan was stashing something dodgy in there and them and the police were shocked to find the corpses in there. Knowing the net was closing in, Phelan planned to use a boat to flee the country. He tried to get Eileen to come with him and leave Weatherfield behind, but she refused when knowing his true nature. They ended up having a stand-off at a lighthouse, where Phelan boasted about how superior he was and how everything has worked in his favour. But he ends up falling through a railing and is hanging off the edge of the lighthouse. He begs Eileen to save him and although she considers it, she stamps on his hand and causes Phelan to plunge into the stormy sea below, presumably drowning to death.

But due to it being Phelan, he somehow managed to survive the deadly waves and got to shore, and ended up hiding out in a B&B in another part of the country. Despite a wound he sustained from his fall, he was otherwise okay and slowly nursed himself back to health. He later moved to a caravan park in Wales, and changed his appearance by growing a beard and wearing glasses. He began to stalk Nicola on a website for mother's by posing as a new mother, in order to keep an eye on her.

Gary suspected there was something wrong with Nicola's mysterious contract, and correctly deduced it was Pat Phelan. Along with an old army buddy, Gary tracked Phelan down to his caravan and tried to attack him in his home with a baseball bat. Phelan got the better of Gary and came close to killing him, but Phelan was knocked out by Gary's mate. They tied up Phelan and took him back to Coronation Street, where they hid him away in the storeroom of the Builder's Yard. Gary gagged Phelan to stop him alerting anyone. Gary's girlfriend Sarah tried to convince Gary to hand Phelan over to the police, but Gary refused as he wanted Phelan to pay personally. Phelan later untied himself and attacked Gary and Sarah when they returned to the room and held them hostage. Phelan contemplated killing them, but instead opted to keep them locked inside the builder's yard.

Phelan gained access to No.11 and planned to take away his grandson Zack and held Nicola and Eileen at gunpoint. During the altercation he ended up shooting and fatally wounding Nicola. Phelan panicked and brought her over to the Bistro where the wedding of Michelle Connor and Robert Preston was underway, in order to get Michelle's son Dr. Alex Neeson to save his daughter's life. When Alex tried to convince Phelan to allow him to phone for medical assistance, Phelan refused and threatened to shoot Michelle. Phelan then took Michelle into the kitchens, but was shocked to find that his arch rival Anna was out of prison and now back for one last final face off. During a struggle Phelan shot Michelle, but during the distraction Anna lunged at Phelan and stabbed him in the chest with a knife.

Phelan returned to cause more havoc for the Street. He held people hostage with a gun at the Bistro and shot Michelle Connor. Phelan was then stabbed in the chest by his arch rival Anna Windass. Phelan fell to the ground with knife still in chest. Knowing his time was truly up but wanting to still punish his enemy, Phelan removed the knife knowing it would end his life, but hoped his death would put Anna away for murder. But Michelle taunted Phelan and said that she would lie to the police and claim it was self defense. Slipping away, Phelan said in his last words "You wouldn't risk prison, lying for her", before then closing his eyes and passing away. This time, Patrick James Phelan was dead, and his reign of terror was over.

Phelan's body was carried away in a body bag. Despite wanting Anna to go down for murder, she wasn't charged with the offense and was let go, and she moved away from the street to start a new life. Phelan's four year reign of terror on the street had finally come to an end.


In March 2019, almost a year after Phelan's death, the roof of Underworld collapsed and Rana Nazir died. Phelan had done a bodge job of it, so Peter Barlow and Gary Windass decided to blame the disaster on a dead man, Phelan. Peter said "It is not like he is here to defend himself is it?".

Even from beyond the grave, Phelan is responsible for a death. Turned out that Phelan used joists that were not the right size, and that he cut corners to save time.

In 2021, Eileen was shocked to find that George Shuttleworth still had Phelan's ashes.


Phelan was a sleazy, evil, sadistic, despicable individual and possibly a sociopath or even psychopathic, who appeared to get a kick out of his mind games and schemes against his victims. Phelan thrived on revelling in the misfortunes of others, especially if he is the cause of them. And he later resorted to killing a few of his victims, Andy Carver, Michael Rodwell, Vinny Ashford and Luke Britton. Phelan was a serial cheater, having cheated behind the back of his wife Valerie on several occasions. Phelan also would rob off anyone who is vulnerable to make himself a profit.

Phelan also had several abused people who he sees as his "bitch" if he has something on them and will abuse them into doing what he wants. This included Gary Windass, Vinny Ashford, Andy Carver and Anna Windass. Phelan blackmailed them into doing jobs/favours for him in return for him not going to the police with CCTV images of them attacking him during an argument, aka Gary and Andy, or telling their nearest and dearest about them betraying them, such as Gary cheating on Sarah Lou with Nicola, Phelan's own daughter, or he will even kill them if they do not do what he says. Phelan used this tactic on Anna Windass to make her play happy families or he will have her done for the attempted murder of Seb. As Phelan and Anna would be sharing a grandchild, Phelan had her under his thumb. Vinny Ashford, who conned Phelan was forced to return to the UK or him and his mother will be killed by Phelan. Todd Grimshaw was on the way to becoming one of Phelan's bitches as he was against Phelan originally but they bonded and even became partners in crime. It did look like Daniel Osbourne would become one of Phelan's "skivvies" but Daniel backed away. Same for Liz McDonald but she backed away. Never cross Phelan's path, he will have you doing stuff for him in return for him not going to the police or having you "disposed of". Luke Britton became another one who crossed Phelan's path and was about to expose him. So Phelan finished him off rather than make him his latest "bitch". In March 2018, vicar turned drug addict Billy Mayhew was pipped as Phelan's latest "bitch" when Phelan found Billy had stolen from Eileen.

Phelan was shown to fiercely hold a grudge and hates anyone trying to get back at him. After Owen Armstrong managed to force Phelan into paying up for building work Owen did for him by stealing and holding his motorbike to random, Phelan made a calculated scheme which left Owen and his family in serious debt, and ruined their lives in the process. Phelan would do this to other people who dared crossed paths with him or try and insult him in anyway. It seems the reason that Phelan hates people who try to get back at him is he feels they are trying to take back any power Phelan has over them. Phelan liked to be in control and have the upper hand.

Phelan would even resort to kidnapping or even killing people who seem to want to expose his dodgy scams. He kidnapped Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford as a result of them trying to get back at him. Phelan is one very dangerous man. When Andy's mate Luke Britton investigated Andy's disappearance, every bit of info he found seemed to lead back to Phelan. Luke was sure Phelan knew about Andy's disappearance, and may have done him in. But Luke became another casualty of Phelan due to probing too much. Curiosity kills the cat so to speak. Phelan blew up the car Luke was driving by shooting at the petrol cap.

Phelan seemed to remain eerily calm when making threats and was very menacing when making threats. He could speak in a monotone voice when doing so. But Phelan did occasionally shout.

Phelan was a man who would not just use his enemies as his abused dosgbody if he has something on them, but he would also pretend to forgive them but will then frame them for a crime he committed. Phelan did this to his former employee Seb Franklin who seemed to be siding with Phelan's worst enemies Gary and Anna Windass.

Phelan was very good at covering his tracks and his endless list of serious, barbaric crimes seems to go unpunished. He knew how to lie and manipulate. If he was exposed, Phelan usually made sure the person who has exposed him ends up at the bottom of Weatherfield Canal.

Phelan would revel in the misfortunes of his enemies, especially if he is responsible for their downfall. When Anna Windass was wrongfully jailed in January 2018, Phelan gloated and rubbed her nose in it when she was lead away.

Despite being in his mid 50s, Phelan was quite strong and seemed to get the upper hand in physical fights, one of them being that he bested a henchman of Vinny, and Vinny himself, and Phelan has even bested the much younger and fitter man Andy Carver when Andy tried to attack him to get free. Phelan kept Andy hostage. When Phelan eventually said he would let Andy go, he staged a crash, to test Andy's loyalty, and Andy escaped, leaving Phelan "for dead". Phelan chased Andy and punched him, and re kidnapped him. Phelan also did the same to Vinny, showing that Phelan always got the upper hand in a fight. Never challenge Phelan to a fight, even Arnie Schwarzenegger would lose to Phelan in Corrie land.

Phelan had sleazy tenancies and appeared to be slightly misogynistic. During his scheme against Owen, Phelan took delight in inappropriately touching Owen's girlfriend Anna Windass and making her feel uncomfortable. After getting attacked by her son Gary for trying to come onto her, he blackmailed her to sleep with him and took pleasure in her distress, and seemed to enjoy the fact he basically committed rape. When returning to the street permanently in 2016, he would continue to taunt Anna over their experience and delighted in seeing her uncomfortable and still shaken at what he had done.

Phelan was also a chauvinist, which the same as a misogynist.

As well as having a negative view on most women (especially Anna), Phelan seemed to be slightly homophobic, as he mocked his girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw's son Todd for his homosexuality, although this was possibly just an attempt to have a dig at Todd for trying to interfere in his schemes. When Todd was having relationship troubles with Billy as he thought Billy was seeing Sean Tully again, Phelan made a nasty dig at Todd saying Sean must be staying at Billy's.

If anyone who tries to defend the people that Phelan has feuded with, Phelan will often menacingly warn them off into minding their own business, such as the time he told Liz McDonald to mind her own business over matters with her friend Eileen, Phelan's wife.

Any redeemable qualities? Well very, very few and far between, but still a few.

Despite his despicable deeds, Phelan appeared to at least have (a few) redeemable qualities. When in the process of conning the street with his old mate Vinny Ashford and basically leading Eileen along, he showed some signs of guilt at using her. Todd was on to Vinny, and Phelan objected but Phelan said it is not him he has to worry about but Vinny and even warned Todd what Vinny was capable of, and that could be killing him. Could there have been a tiny shread of decency in amongst that evil personality of Phelan's?

When Phelan returned in January 2016, Carla Connor tried to apprehend some robbers and got run over. Phelan tended to her and called an ambulance. He tried to make a deal with Anna Windass at the same time by telling her if she leaves him alone he will leave her alone, showing he was willing to call a truce if she stayed away. However Anna told Kevin all about sleazy Phelan's past shenanigans, ending Phelan's friendship with Kevin, so Phelan was annoyed and the rivalry between Anna and Phelan returned. Moral to the story is, never snitch on Phelan, you will be at his mercy for ever and ever.

When Vinny plotted to murder Eileen's son Todd who continued to work against the pair of them and expose their deceit, Phelan delayed Vinny in hopes that Todd would see the light and join them. Despite wanting to use murder as a last resort, Phelan did allow nemesis Michael Rodwell to succumb to a heart attack when the man tried to uncover Phelan's schemes, although this was more an act of manslaughter (but nonetheless, Phelan showed his sadistic side by taunting Michael in his last moments).

Phelan avoided killing Michael's surrogate son Andy Carver and instead chose to imprison him in an abandoned house for a few months, where he would feed him to ensure his survival. Andy was yet another one like Todd and Gary who tried to expose Phelan's schemes but Andy took it a bit further and has tried to kill Phelan twice, once before he was kidnapped and once during a kidnap. One of the reasons why Phelan abducted Andy was he knew Andy had tried to kill him. When Andy had a huge graze on his arm, Phelan got him some antibiotics, again his good side making a rare appearance.

One time, Phelan showed his very rarely seen good side on another occasion when he saw Jack Webster in the street and took him back to Kevin and Anna, only to find Anna on the floor unconscious. She woke up and screamed when she saw her worst enemy, Phelan, tending to her.

The above examples are the very few moments where Phelan has shown his better side.

Phelan was, only once, the victim of a scam rather that the instigator when Vinny ran off to Hawaii with the proceeds of their con. Phelan thumped the inside of his van in temper when Vinny texted him to say he was off with all the money. Phelan hated the taste of his own medicine. Later on, Phelan would get his own back though.

After being betrayed by Vinny who took their ill-gotten earnings and fled the country, Phelan chose to marry Eileen and settle down in the street. Following his imprisonment of Andy, Phelan began to show signs of turning over a new leaf and appeared to want to make up for his past sins. This included trying to bond with his long lost daughter Nicola Rubenstein, in which it was revealed he genially cared for her late mother Annabel. Phelan also went to see a priest in an attempt to confess his sins, although chose not to admit to keeping Andy wrongfully locked up.

It is unclear if Phelan has always been a despicable person, or if he developed this lifestyle choice following losing contact with Annabel in 1990. It seems more likely that he always has been despicable as he shot an animal as a teenager and watched it die. Hardly The Crime of the Century I know but that is how evil villains start out, by killing animals. Plus despite his love for Annabel, it was revealed he raped her, although it is quite ambiguous to what the truth actually is.


Owen Armstrong

Phelan and Owen were business partners. From the off set their relationship was frosty, as Phelan got Owen to do some work for him without revealing he was a bankrupt and isn't able to pay Owen for his work. Owen got his own back by stealing Phelan's bike, forcing Phelan to cough up the money.

Because of this, Phelan plotted his own back against Owen, and managed to convince him and Owen's family (barring Anna) to take part in a property deal with him. After Owen's unofficial son-in-law Gary Windass attacked and knocked out Phelan for harassing Anna, Phelan took delight in tormenting Owen and Gary, and used the opportunity to keep Owen's investment in the business and bankrupting him. He overworked the pair of them, even though it drove Owen over the edge and nearly caused him to commit arson on the building site. Phelan eventually dropped the blackmail after he coerced Anna to have sex with him.

By the time Phelan returned at the beginning of 2016, Owen had left Weatherfield after splitting from Anna. Although Owen wasn't present, Phelan seemed to still revel in ruining his and Anna's life.

Anna Windass

As part of his scheme to bring back Owen in the beginning, Phelan targeted Anna. When anyone wasn't looking, he enjoyed touching her inappropriately and making her feel uncomfortable. When Anna had enough of his advances, she called Phelan round to the house to tell him to leave her alone, but Phelan pretended to be the victim and claimed she was interested in him, and gave the impression he was going to force himself on her. Although he left her alone, this caused Anna to end up revealing what Phelan had done to her son Gary, who in turn attacked Phelan and nearly killed him.

When Phelan was blackmailing Gary and Owen to work for free, Anna wanted to relieve the pair of them from Phelan's control. She hoped to appeal to Phelan's better nature and told him about Gary's hard time in the army. Phelan said he did not know about that. Anna thought that Phelan would do the right thing for once. But it seemed Phelan wanted a final favour from Anna, which is when he gave her the ultimatum to sleep with him. Anna forced herself to take up the offer for her family, and had sex with Phelan in a seedy hotel room. Phelan kept his end of the bargain and released Owen and Gary from the contract. Phelan then emigrated to Dubai in April 2014. Although Phelan cut off contact with Anna and her family, his actions caused her and Owen to split up, and Owen eventually left Weatherfield in April 2015.

Upon his return in January 2016 (which was originally just to do building work) Phelan took delight in tormenting Anna, although did make clear he didn't want to have sex with her again. Phelan helped work on a new garage for Anna's new boyfriend Kevin Webster, and enjoyed Anna feeling uncomfortable in his presence. Kevin eventually found out Phelan wasn't a nice man when seeing him threaten Anna in the cafe.

Despite Anna's attempts to warn others about Phelan, they refused to believe her as Phelan presented himself as a pillar of the community, and took pleasure in her failed attempts to out him as a bad guy. Although he began to target other victims, he would occasionally taunt and threaten Anna whenever she attempted to uncover his goings on.

In late 2017, he went a step too far when he planted false evidence to make the police think Anna pushed Seb Franklin from his ladder, which resulted in her getting arrested and locked up. In January 2018 Anna was jailed for 4 years. Phelan gloated as he was pleased that Anna was lead away. Phelan said "Unanimous verdict Anna. Justice".

In June 2018, Anna finally won her battle against Phelan when she did her Jack The Ripper impression when he was trying to shoot her. She stabbed him in the chest and he died, but not before he said he hopes she rots in hell for it.

Gary Windass

Eileen Grimshaw

After Eileen broke off from her boyfriend Michael Rodwell, Phelan made a move and the pair of them entered a relationship. He got his feet under the table at the Grimshaw household, and befriended her son Jason Grimshaw. After Jason left town following his father's Tony Stewart's death, Phelan took a particular interest in the money Tony left Jason, which was his motives for remaining with her. When he set up a fake property deal with his partner in crime Vinny Ashford, Eileen and Jason agreed to lend him the money. However after Vinny ran off with the money as well as cash from investments by several people on the flats, Phelan remained with Eileen and convinced her that he had been conned by Vinny as well. The pair of them ended up getting married.

Despite initially wanting to use his relationship with Eileen just to con her, he does appear to have feelings for her. At the time when scamming the residents, he seemed to show a brief sign of guilt when realising he would be doing a runner. In late 2017 when he thought an associate of Vinny had kidnapped and possibly harmed Eileen, he was frantic with worry and visibly relieved when she turned up safe, unaware of what was going on.

Todd Grimshaw

Michael Rodwell

Another man who tried to expose Phelan for what he was, and whom ended up paying for it with his life. Michael was trying to expose Phelan's scams. One time Michael shouted up to Phelan in his office from the street shouting "Oi. Phelan!!!". Michael went upstairs to Phelan's office and confronted him. Michael had a heart attack. He survived. Michael left Weatherfield but returned for good a few moths later, and vowed to expose Phelan. Come on Michael, you know what Phelan does to people who are on to him. And Michael certainly was "disposed of" by Phelan. Michael visited the office where the flat conversion was to take place. He rifled through items to try and expose Phelan. Phelan caught him. Michael had a heart attack and Phelan left him to die.

Andy Carver

Andy and Phelan's conflict began when Phelan urged Eileen to charge Andy and Steph more for their rent, knowing it would make things difficult for them, however Michael stepped in to help with the payments. Behind Andy's back, Phelan would often use him to mock Michael, especially as Michael forgave Andy despite Andy pretending to be his son Gavin Rodwell and messing him about.

After Michael's death, Andy suspected Phelan was involved, and even dropped a hint at Phelan getting his comeuppance. Andy, filled with rage, hit Phelan over the head with a brick when his back was turned. Phelan worked out Andy was involved, and blackmailed him to help out with his schemes, such as torching Kevin's garage and stealing his laptop. Andy became another one of Phelan's abused "skivvies". The fear of Phelan caused Andy to plan to flee Weatherfield with Steph for a new life in Portugal.

Andy attempted to try and expose Phelan for his part in the flat scam after finding footage on the garage CCTV implementing him, but Phelan walked in on Andy. As Phelan was getting wed to Eileen that day, he told Andy to destroy the laptop. However when Phelan began mocking Michael, Andy lost his cool and hit Phelan over the head with the laptop. This proved a fatal error, as Phelan gained the upper hand and beat Andy over the head with the laptop. Andy survived, and a panicked Phelan opted to kidnap and imprison him in his basement at his derelict property, rather than finish the job himself.

Phelan would keep Andy in the basement for ten months, and was torn between whether or not to let him go, or finish the job by killing him, although Phelan struggled with whether or not to bring himself to killing someone properly. He contemplated allowing Andy to succumb to an infection, but at the last minute saved his life by giving him medication. Phelan was close to allowing Andy to go free and start a new life, but during a trial in which Phelan staged an accident by crashing his van to see Andy's reaction, he was forced to return Andy to the cellar when he tried to flee, which angered Phelan further who realised Andy couldn't be trusted.

Phelan forced Andy to kill Vinny in an attempt to earn his freedom. However Phelan executed Andy by shooting him just afterwards, knowing that he couldn't be trusted to keep quiet about the incident and would never be able to live with himself afterwards.

Vinny Ashford

Daniel Osbourne

Seb Franklin

Nicola Rubenstein


Liz McDonald - Phelan booked a doctors appointment for "bad toothache" to get some antibiotics for his captive Andy Carver. Liz was the receptionist there and she then found out, either through her friend Eileen or something. A couple of hours later she saw Phelan drinking alcohol when he was meant to be on antibiotics. She probed further as Eileen was her best friend and she was worried that Phelan was up to something. Phelan menacingly warned her to keep her mouth shut and to keep out of things she does not understand. Liz backed off.

Luke Britton - In December 2017, Luke knew that Andy had worked for Phelan so asked Phelan for his address. Phelan had recently killed Andy so gave Luke a false address. Luke went to the address but Andy did not live there. He returned to Weatherfield and probed further, wondering if Phelan knew something about Andy's disappearance. Phelan got Matt, a mutual friend of Andy to lie to Luke, saying he was in South America and did not want to be bothered. Luke spotted a model house than Andy liked to make in Streetcars. He then saw another model house at No 11 where Phelan lived with Eileen. Luke already had a few suspicions that Phelan knew more about Andy's disappearance but had just put it down to overactive imagination. But when he saw the model house, his eyebrows were raised again. Luke kept his beady eye on Phelan and overheard him talking to Matt, the man who told Luke that Andy was in South America. Luke decided to have it out with Phelan. He asked Seb where Phelan was working today. Seb told him. Luke saw Phelan fishing a shoe out of the river upon arrival. Luke wanted answers and told Phelan about the model houses and how he knew Phelan had sent him on a wild goose chase to Birmingham, and how he got someone to lie to him about Andy. Luke kept badgering Phelan. Phelan grabbed a rock and hit Luke on the head with it, Luke fought back and left Phelan "for dead". Phelan waited until Luke drove off then got up and followed him. A car chase ensued. Phelan make Luke crash into a wall. He shot at the car. The glass protected Luke. Luke crouched down in the seats but Phelan said "You wanna see Andy. Say hi to him from me", (meaning say hi to him in heaven as that is when Luke is going) as he shot at the petrol cap, making the van explode, killing Luke. Phelan then took the car to some derelict site and hosed it down. Oh Phelan, when will you ever learn?

Steph Britton -

Jason Grimshaw -

Billy Mayhew - the two came into contact in 2016 when Billy broke up a fight in the pub between Phelan and Aidan. Phelan backed down when Billy intervened, as he stated he would never hit a vicar. Two years later when Billy became addicted to drugs, Phelan attacked Billy in the living room, threatening him to seek help, which Billy did.

Yasmeen Nazir - Yasmeen lost money to Phelan's flat scam, and was bitter towards him even though he claimed Vinnie was responsible. She continued to sour towards him; until he paid most of the money back to the residents, in which she gained respect that he kept to his word he would work to pay them back.

Valerie Phelan - Phelan's first wife, who had all his assets in her name due to him being bankrupt. Despite Phelan's misgivings, she initially stood by him due to the money that she had. However in 2015 his cheating became too much and she divorced him, leaving Phelan with nothing.

Lydia Hartman -

Flora McArdle -

List of nefarious activities

  • Raping Annabel Rubenstein (presumably anyway) - years prior to 2013
  • Blackmailing Owen Armstrong and Gary Windass - 2014
  • Terrorizing Anna Windass - 2014-2018
  • Launching the Calcutta Street scam project - 2016
  • Causing the death of Michael Rodwell - 2016
  • Kidnapping Andy Carver - 2017
  • Murdering Andy and Vinny Ashford - 2017
  • Murdering Luke Britton - 2018
  • Carrying out a siege which caused Nicola and Michelle to be fatally shot, although it ended after Anna stabbed Phelan with a knife and killed him - 2018


Other information

  • Phelan was a Catholic. After allowing Michael to die and later killing Vinny and Andy, he made the sign of the cross, and even did a prayer for the latter two. After killing Luke, he did the sign of the cross again, which was noticed by Sally Metcalfe who asked about Phelan being a catholic, although he said he didn't practice it anymore. When Phelan visited a priest during the time he imprisoned Andy and tried to look for redemption, he came close to confessing his sins, although decided against it.


  • Connor McIntyre originally appeared in the role for three episodes in October 2013 followed by four months from December 2013 to April 2014. He returned as a regular cast member in January 2016 and later given an extended contact in November that year. It seemed he had become popular with viewers; thus becoming a regular character, before bowing out in June 2018.
  • In 2014, Phelan said he had been married to Val for seventeen years, so they married around 1997.
  • In Ep 8361 - 9 Apr 2014 Phelan showed how evil he can be when he blackmailed Anna into sleeping with him in order for him to release her boyfriend Owen and son Gary from their contract. This coincided with his first exit, which lasted almost two years.
  • As Eileen is a distant cousin of the late Elsie Tanner, and Eileen married Phelan in 2017, this meant that Phelan was a distant relative by marriage to Elsie.
  • Phelan had a Catholic upbringing. Hence why he has shown the sign of the cross on the odd occasion and went to confessional in 2017.
  • In December 2017, Phelan mentioned his grandfather and how he was given a medal on his 25th birthday and died a few weeks later. Whether this was his paternal or maternal grandfather is not known.
  • In early-October 2016, Eileen said that Phelan was 52 years old. In Episode 9287 broadcast on 30 October 2017, Phelan celebrated his birthday. This means he was born 30th October 1963, unless he was nearly 52 in early-October 2016, making him born 30th October 1964.
  • In November 2017, it was said that Connor will miss the role when he leaves the show, hinting that Phelan will finally get his comeuppance. Connor did not state when he will bow out but the character's exit will be dramatic. In early June 2018, Phelan was stabbed to death during a showdown, and his killer was none other than his rival Anna Windass. It was ruled as self defence, so Anna walked away scot free. Phelan's last line was hardly memorable though, for such an iconic villain. All he said was "You wouldn't risk prison lying for her" before the Grim Reaper took him to hell.
    • In 2021, McIntyre jokingly said he would like to return to the show as a twin brother of Pat Phelan, who would be a lot nicer in personality.


Phelan had quite a lot of cracking lines, which is typical for a soap baddie.

"Well. Owen". First line.


"You leave me alone, I'll leave you alone. Deal?" to long term former rival Anna Windass.


"Probably staying around Billy's" to Todd, mocking him about his boyfriend Billy being friendly with Sean Tully. Sean was out at the time.


"Vinny!!!!VINNNNYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! ARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Phelan throwing a hissy fit when finding out that Vinny has conned him.


"You need to die so I can live". To his hostage Andy. Phelan was trying to redeem but felt he was the hostage, not Andy and was tied to him, no pun intended.


"Stay out of things you don't understand". To Liz McDonald.


*Sniffs* "Do you smell burning? No, it's just you". To Anna, when mocking her about her burned legs


Anna: "Let go of me!"
Phelan: "Or what? You'll scream for HEEEEELLP? You'll cry RAAAAAPE?"

(When Phelan confronts Anna in the street)


"One more word, and you'll have a lot more than looking like Freddy Krueger to worry about." - Phelan threatening Anna, after he found out she was posting letters bad mouthing him


Nicola: "What you've done....... is Evil!!"
Phelan: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOOOO NIC, NO!! Why Don't You Believe Me!? You have to believe me Nic, Me!!!!"

(When Nicola disowns her father after discovering his evil nature)

"You wouldn't risk getting locked up, lying for her."Final line, to Michelle Connor.

Memorable info

Appearances: 2 October 2013–14 April 2014, 18 January 2016–June 2018

Born: 30th October 1963

Full Name: Patrick James Phelan

Parents: Mr. Phelan and Mrs. Phelan

Siblings: None

Spouse: Valerie Phelan (1997-2015), Eileen Grimshaw (2017-)

ChildrenNicola Rubenstein (1990) (Illegitimate daughter)

Grandchildren: Zac Rubinstein

Stepchildren: Jason Grimshaw, Todd Grimshaw

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