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Patricia Hillman.

Patricia Hillman was a minor character in Coronation Street in 2002. She was the second wife of Richard Hillman and became his first official murder victim.




Patricia made an unexpected arrival in May 2002, as she wanted her ex-husband Richard to buy out her 20% share in their joint business, Kellett Holdings. He kept fobbing her off due to his financial problems, and began ignoring her phone calls. She made an unexpected arrival at Number 8 Coronation Street, where he lived with his fiancée Gail Platt and her family. Not wanting them to know the extent of his financial troubles, he ushered Patricia away.

He took her to a building site where he was developing flats. During an argument in which Patricia threatened to expose him, she fell into a trench. Despite this, she continued insulting Richard, and losing his patience he grabbed a nearby shovel and hit her with it, causing Patricia to fall back into the trench, dead.

Her body was later covered up with cement the following day when work commenced. Steve McDonald found her bracelet, but Richard put him off claiming it belonged to a potential buyer and that he would return it. However, he gave it to Gail as a present.

Aftermath of death[]

After Richard confessed to his crimes to wife Gail in February 2003, Patricia's body was dug up.

Memorable Info[]