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Paul Connor is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in September 2006.

Paul was a member of the Connor family and the eldest child of Barry and Helen Connor, with his siblings being Liam Connor and Michelle Connor. He was the husband of Carla Connor and in 2006 he began running the Underworld factory on Coronation Street. In 2007 his wife discovered he was paying to have sex with prostitutes. Blaming prostitute Leanne Battersby (whom was dating Liam), he locked her in the trunk of his car and began speeding around Weatherfield, but ended up crashing his car. Paul later died in hospital from his injuries. Paul was played by Sean Gallagher.





Due to the Connors and Donovan's being neighbours, Paul's distant cousin Johnny Connor actually had a brief affair with Sharon Donovan, Carla's mother, and Carla was the product of that. This meant that Carla was a Connor by blood as well as marriage, and was a distant cousin of her first husband Paul Connor.

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Appearances: 6 September 2006–6 June 2007

Born: 1969

Full Name: Paul James Connor

Siblings: Liam Connor, Michelle Connor

Father': Barry Connor

Mother: Helen Connor

Spouse: Carla Connor (1999–2007)

Children: None

Distant relatives: Johnny Connor, Carla Connor, Aidan Connor, Kate Connor