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Sally Metcalfe (nee Seddon, formerly Webster) is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in Ep 2590 - 27 Jan 1986 and has appeared in the show ever since. She was married to Kevin Webster (which was a rocky one) for many years until they properly went their separate ways in 2010 following his affair with Molly Dobbs. Sally is currently married to Tim Metcalfe.

She is played by Sally Dynevor.



Sally Webster.

Sally Seddon was born on the 14th July 1967 in Weatherfield. Her father Eddie Seddon was an alcoholic. Her mother was Elsie Seddon. The Seddon's lived in Arkwright Street, a few streets away from Coronation Street, of which Hilda Ogden, who lived there, knew the Seddon's. Hilda saw them as a rough lot.


In January 1986, Sally was walking through a back street in Weatherfield and was splashed by Kevin Webster who he accidentally drove through a puddle. Kevin was Hilda Ogden's lodger at Number 13 Coronation Street. Kevin and Sally started dating and she visited No 13 a lot. Hilda Ogden kept a close eye on the couple. Sally worked as a barmaid. She and Kevin married in October 1986.

In December 1987, Hilda moved on to pastures new and Kevin ad Sally bought No 13 for a rock bottom price. Kevin had No 13 renovated after 25 years of neglect. Kevin and Sally had a daughter Rosie Webster in 1990 and another daughter in 1994, Sophie Webster. Kevin founs his marriage to Sally hard so he sought comfort in Natalie Horrocks.


They divorced in 2000, although reconciled with remarried in 2002. But their second marriage would face further problems over the decade, as Sally had an affair with her boss in 2005 (although Kevin chose not to call her out on it despite knowing), and she was tempted to have an affair with tutor John Stape. Ironically enough, John was having an affair with Rosie, who was his pupil at school. This resulting in Kevin punching out John on Christmas, which led to Kevin being imprisoned briefly for assault. John Stape later left the area.

John returned in 2008 and although the Websters weren't pleased with his comeback, they accepted him in the area. But this soured when Rosie went missing for five weeks, and it was discovered that John was responsible for her kidnapping. John was in a relationship with Fiz Brown at the time - Sally's colleague at Underworld - and Sally believed that Fiz must have been aware of what happened. After John was sent down for at least two years Sally didn't blame Fiz any further, and worked fine alongside her at Underworld. But this changed when Fiz began to visit John in prison and grew attracted to him again. They would then get married when John was still in prison, and Sally saw Fiz as delusional for falling for him despite his lying and actions in the past. When John was released from prison, he moved back in with Fiz and Sally tried to have him forced out of the street and held a meeting with the neighbours at the Rovers Return. Rosie tried to stitch John up by claiming he was trying to assault her in the cafe. But Rosie was exposed for her lying, and John was pardoned by the neighbours who accepted he was a changed man, with even Sally and Kevin apologising and preventing Rosie being reported to the police for wasting their time.

Unaware to Sally around this time, Kevin was having an affair with Molly Dobbs - the wife of his workmate and best friend Tyrone Dobbs. On Christmas Day she revealed to Kevin that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which caused Kevin to have second thoughts for his actions and stick with his wife, despite planning to leave her that very day. Sally received treatment and later went to visit her sister Gina for a few months to get a break. She returned in July 2010 after getting the clear.

In December 2010 Sally comforted a dying Molly after she was trapped in the corner shop after a tram crashed off the viaduct and into the street. Molly revealed to Sally about her affair with Kevin and that her son Jack is Kevin's son and not Tyrone's. After Molly's passing a distraught Sally confronted Kevin at the house over the revelation. They tried to keep the revelation a secret from their daughters and the rest of the neighbours, but it all came out at Molly's funeral when Tyrone worked out Kevin was the man that Molly had been seeing, and punched him into Molly's grave. Kevin ended up getting disowned by his family and friends, and later left with his son Jack, looking to care for him.


Sally went ahead with divorce proceedings in 2011 against Kevin. When she found out that he had made a lot of money in a scratch card win, she wanted half of it. Later in the year she was dropped from Underworld by Carla Connor due to money issues thanks to Carla's former partner Frank Foster taking most of the machines. A bitter Sally sided with Frank, and supported him in the build up to his trial, in which he was accused of raping Carla. Sally believed Carla just used people before tossing them to the side. Sally fell in love with Frank and entered into a relationship with him, unaware that he was the one using her.

When Frank was found not guilty of raping Carla, he dropped his relationship with Sally. Frank managed to push Carla out of the factory after conning her into signing over her share, and even pushed his mother out, another who had supported him. Frank was later found dead in the factory, having been hit over the head with a bottle, although Carla was the prime suspect. When visiting Frank's mother Anne, Sally came to realisation that she was responsible for Frank's murder. Sally tried to get away but tripped and hit her head. Thankfully Carla arrived and talked Anne down, who was then taken into custody and Sally given hospital treatment. Carla managed to gain back the factory as Michelle Connor got her hands on Frank's contract and got rid of it, allowing her to reign once again. Carla forgave Sally and allowed her back at the factory.

Sally softened up towards Kevin and the pair of them thought about possibly reconciling with each other. Kevin planned to put Jack into the custody of his father and Pam as he felt Sally would be constantly reminded of the affair. Although Pam was willing to look after Jack, she didn't approve of Kevin giving up on his son and Sally forgiving Kevin for everything he had done. In the end, Sally and Kevin decided not to get back together, and ended up divorcing for good.

Later in 2012 Sally found herself duped by another villain, this time Kirsty Soames, the girlfriend of Tyrone. Although Kirsty had been abusing Tyrone for months, Kirsty herself claimed Tyrone was abusing her after Kirsty fell down a flight of stairs after discovering Tyrone planned to leave her for Fiz. Sally assumed, despite knowing Tyrone for years, that Kirsty was the innocent party, and that Tyrone was lashing out due to being cheated on by Molly. One night Sally looked after Kirsty and Tyrone's daughter Ruby, although Kevin ended up taking care of her. Kevin handed Ruby over to Tyrone so he could go on the run with his daughter, but Tyrone was later arrested and held on remand.

On the day of Tyrone's trial Sally saw Kirsty's more sinister side when she lost her temper with Sally and looked like she was about to act violent. Sally tried to stop the trial going ahead as she realised Tyrone was innocent, but was unable to halt it. Fortunately, Kirsty finally saw the error of her ways and how far things had been taken, so she arrived at the court and confessed she lied about Tyrone hitting her. Tyrone was released and Kirsty was held in custody. Sally apologised to Tyrone, who chose to forgive her as Kirsty had fooled them all at one point.

Sally grew attracted to Tim Metcalfe and supported him when he was trying to see his daughter Faye more often. Faye's adoptive mother Anna Windass and her boyfriend Owen Armstrong lived next door to Sally, and didn't approve of Tim's presence, despite Faye wanting to know her real father. Tim contemplated leaving the street after being threatened with violence by Owen, but Sally convinced him to stay behind and fight, which Tim agreed. The pair of them entered into a serious relationship and began living together. Sophie didn't approve of the relationship and felt Tim wasn't good enough for her mother, although eventually eased up. When Kevin returned in 2014 after looking after his father for a year, he ended up attacking Tim when spotting him in Sally's house and believing he was a burglar. Despite the bad start, Kevin became good friends with Tim.

Sally and Tim got engaged and they married in 2015.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 27 Jan 1986-29 Jan 2010, 14 Jul 2010-

Born: 14th July 1967, Weatherfield, Salford, Lancashire

Full Name: Sally Webster (Nee Seddon)

Parents: Eddie Seddon and Elsie Seddon

Siblings: Gina Seddon

Spouse: Kevin Webster (1986-2000, 2002-2012), Tim Metcalfe (2015-2019; Bigamous) (2020-; official)

Children: Rosie Webster (1990), Sophie Webster (1994)

Uncles/Aunts: Velda SeddonBertha Croston, Tom Hopwood

Cousins: Paul Seddon