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Seb Franklin was a character in Coronation Street first seen in 2016, and died in May 2021 after being attacked brutally by Corey Brent and his mates. He was the former boyfriend of Faye Windass. Seb is played by Harry Visinoni.



Sebastian Franklin was born in March 2001 to Abi Franklin, the eldest of her 3 children. Abi had a string of flings with different men.


Seb Franklin.

Seb started hanging around with Faye Windass. Originally a rebellious character, Seb did mature more when he got a job working for sleazy builder Pat Phelan. Phelan sometimes took his anger out on Seb when Seb tried to wind him up. Seb seemed to side with Phelan's worst enemies, mother and son Anna Windass and Gary Windass. Phelan then planned to frame Seb for the murder of Andy Carver.

Seb later fell for Alina Pop.

In early 2021 Seb fell for Roy Cropper's niece Nina Lucas they were attacked by Cory and Kelly Neelan resulting in their hospitalisation. Then on the 7th of May 2021 tests showed that his brain had stopped sending signals to his body resulting in his heart stopping beating. His death leaving the whole street grieving his loss but his death was extremely hard on his mother Abi Franklin and Eileen Grimshaw who was a mother like figure for Seb.


  • Originally it was reported that Seb would turn out to be the grandson of Pat Phelan and son of Nicola Rubenstein, however this turned out not to be the case (although Nicola was revealed to be Phelan's long lost daughter).
  • It was announced that Seb and Nina would be involved in a hate crime storyline due to being goths, although it was not revealed Seb would die during the attack. The character departed in May 2021 in which his life support was turned off.
  • Harry Visinoni will reprise the role of Seb later in 2021 as part of a flashback taking place before the character's murder.

Memorable info[]

Born: 6th March 2001

Death: 7th May 2021

Full Name: Sebastian Franklin

Parents: Abi Franklin and Unknown Man

Siblings: Lexi and Charlie Franklin (half same mother)


Children: None