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Sonia Peters was an unseen character and died in the train crash of May 1967 when a train derailed.


Sonia Peters was born in 1947. Her mum died when Sonia was 2. Sonia went to school with Lucille Hewitt who was 2 years younger than her. She was 20 years old in 1967 and was known to a few residents of Coronation Street. Sonia was chatting to Ena Sharples at the junction of Viaduct Street and Coronation Street when a train derailed and one of the carriages ploughed into the end of Coronation Street, demolishing much of the viaduct. Sonia was killed instantly. Ena managed to avoid the carriage crashing down but was trapped under the rubble, and escaped with minor injuries. David Barlow found her trapped under the carriage. She was said to be trapped between the foot plate and the loose wheel of the carriage and covered in rubble. The doctor went to take a look and crawled under the carriage. Her fiancée, PC Jimmie Conway was then told of her death by the doctor who said she would not have known anything, indicating she was badly crushed by the wreckage, hence a quick death.

Her gran Elli Jane Peters was told of the death.

In early November 1969, over 2 years after her death, Sonia was mentioned by a concussed Ena when she, and all the other Coronation Street residents were in hospital after their coach crashed while they were on a day trip. Ena said how the young girl died when the viaduct fell on her.


Born: 1947

Died: 10th May 1967,

Full Name: Sonia Peters

Parents: Mr. Peters and Mrs Peters

Siblings: None

Grandmothers: Elli Jane Peters (Paternal)