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Stanley Isaiah Ogden [1] was a character in Coronation Street from Episode 370 (29 Jun 1964) to Ep 2393 - 7 Mar 1984, dying offscreen in November that year. Originally portrayed as a bullying womaniser, Stan mellowed into a loveable rogue and often the thorn in the side of his long suffering wife Hilda Ogden. Stan loved to avoid work, and even as a window cleaner, he never rushed things, and was a serial malingerer, always pretending to be ill so as to avoid work. Stan often drunk in The Rovers Return, where Annie Walker, Jack Walker and later Fred Gee were always on tap to top up his pint. Stan also was the occasional non employed potman for the pub, sometimes carrying crates or barrels around as a favour, in return for a free pint. Stan was even held at gunpoint once in 1970 by crazed American Joe Donelli. In the late 1970s until his 1984 death, while it was never anything life threatening until the last 2 or 3 months of his life, Stan was plagued by health problems such as a bad back, bad knees and slurred speech. Stan was played by actor Bernard Youens.



Stanley Isaiah Ogden was born on the 17th May 1919 in Kitchener Street, Weatherfield to Isaiah Ogden and Mary Ogden (Nee Pearson). Stan had an older brother Mr Ogden born in about 1915. It is unclear if Stan had any other siblings. He was kept back a year or 2 at school and his parents became confused as to his age so they lost track of it, as they never had a copy of his birth certificate. He was a slow learner but not a "dunce" so to speak. This was also not a slur against his intelligence.

In 1932, aged 13, Stan had his first pint in The Duke Of York. Stan left school aged 14 in 1933. Stan's father Isaiah Ogden died sometime inbetween 1919 and 1943. In about 1940 Stan joined the Desert Rats.

During a blackout in late November 1943, Stan was on army leave back in Weatherfield, but got drunk that night and was laid out on the pavement when a woman tripped over him. That woman who fell over him was Hilda Crabtree, who was already dating a soldier called Harry Battersby. Hilda never saw Harry again and bonded with Stan Ogden, where they spent the night in the air raid shelter. Stan looked like film star Clark Gable. It was love at first sight and 7 days later they were married. Stan and Hilda's mothers disagreed to the pairing. Stan's mother Mary was a widow by then. Mary Ogden initially disagreed but gave her blessing as Stan was a grown man. Stan left the Army in 1945 after WW2 ended and returned to Civvy Street. He had gained a HGV licence during the army so was able to drive lorries.

Stan and Hilda went on to have 4 children Irma Ogden in 1946, Trevor Ogden in 1949, Tony in about 1952 and Sylvia in about 1955. The elder two were later known as Trevor and Irma. In the 1960s Stan was a long distance lorry driver and his youngest two children were taken into care as a result of his drunken rages. Stan was often lazy.

Stan never knew for many years that he was born in 1919 and not 1922. Until 1964, the Ogden's lived in Chapel Street, Weatherfield.


Stan and Hilda ready to play football in 1969.

Stan Ogden bought No 13 Coronation Street in July 1964 for £575. His family quickly moved into the house. Stan was still working as a long distance lorry driver and he could be handy with his fists at times. Stan was quite workshy, he often pulled sickies to get a day off. However he was quite active and fast talking. Active as in down The Rovers Return supping beer and placing bets. In July 1964, Stan and his family were invited to the wedding of Leonard Swindley to Emily Nugent but the wedding never went ahead. Stan got a job as a chauffeur but used the limousine outside work hours to take his neighbours for a ride, his boss found out and fired him. In September 1964 he helped Albert Tatlock with work on his back yard and an unexploded bomb was found. All the street residents were evacuated and the bomb diffused successfully. That October, Stan wrestled Ian Campbell, a famous Scottish wrestler who was the same height as Stan but twice his girth. One time during the match, Stan even had Ian in a headlock. Ian even lifted Stan up and spun him round during the match. Ian won the

Stan is held at gunpoint in 1970 by Joe Donelli.

match. Stan became good friends with Jack Walker, the Rovers landlord.

In November 1965, while working as a milkman, Stan saved a young boy from being run over, and said to take the milk home to his mum. In January 1966, Stan almost attacked Hilda when she had filled out their pools form wrong. He was quite chirpy but also could be quite aggressive and fiery, was our Stan. In February 1967 Stan hurt his back at work and had to spend a bit of time in hospital, and he loved every minute of it, as he had people running round after him. In May 1967, Stan helped people out when a train crashed into the street. He comforted Elli Jane Peters whose granddaughter Sonia Peters was killed. Stan took on odd jobs during the time as he was too idle to hold down a full time job. In 1969, Stan was back in hospital again with a broken arm after a coach smash when the residents of Coronation Street were on a day trip to The Lake District. Stan soon recovered from his injuries.

In late 1970, Stan threatened to beat Joe Donelli up for threatening his daughter Irma Barlow. Stan went to confront

Stan vows revenge on the Henshaws for stitching him up.

him but was held at gunpoint. Joe then shot himself dead.  Stan soon put the ordeal behind him. In 1971 Stan installed a serving hatch at No 13. In 1972, Stan was accused of being a peeping Tom. His friends all turned on him but the real culprit was soon found out. All his friends ate humble pie and begged Stan for forgiveness. That year, he was accused of window cleaning on two rival window cleaners patch. They offered him an area to do, it was a demolition site. Stan threatened to kill them. One night in 1973, Stan and Hilda were taking a shortcut from the chip shop to No 13 and Stan found an injured Bet Lynch laying in the back alley. Stan summoned for help and Bet was taken to hospital. In September 1973, Hilda spread gossip about Elsie Howard. Her husband Alan Howard threatened Hilda to keep her mouth shut. Stan stepped in and a fight broke out between Stan and Alan.

Stan Ogden is conned over a window cleaning round offer in 1972.

In 1974, Hilda was stressed out and her health was deteriorating due to the stress. Stan booked a cruise for her to recover. Stan took in 2 lodgers while Hilda was away. Stan did work on The Rovers Return.

In 1975 Stan was in hospital with middle ear trouble. He was diagnosed with Otitis Media. He became friends with binman Eddie Yeats. Stan attended Albert's 80th birthday party in August 1975. That December, he was stranded in France when his friend's lorry had broken down. He made it back to England by early January 1976. Stan became a grandfather again that month when Trevor and Polly had a daughter Jayne Ogden.

In February 1976 Stan burned a TV set that he was renting. He did an escapology act but was too fat to free himself. Later that year Stan accused some young lads of stealing his washing, and he even chased them, and stole their washing in revenge. Turned out the Ogden's washing was found in the coal bunker near to No 13. Stan returned the Haggerty's washing but was accosted by Jim Haggerty and it earned Stan a whack in the eye due to stealing it in the first place. In October 1976, Stan helped himself to £6 of the Christmas Club takings Hilda had saved up. Hilda called him a liar and a thief. Stan absconded and Hilda felt remorse for what she said to Stan. In November 1976, Stan returned home after staying at his brother in law's chippy. Hilda felt that having Eddie around was making her and Stan argue more. Eddie was not happy, as he helped get Stan to return home. In November 1977, they won a night in a posh hotel, a second honeymoon. "Woman Stanley. Woman".


In 1978, Stan was now in his late 50s and due to his constant boozing and smoking lifestyle and being overweight, he started to get weaker and more tired that year, this became more noticeable by 1979, as he was now pushing 60. He was not as agile or as talkative as he used to be, and often lodger Eddie Yeats became the main breadwinner. Hilda still used to nag Stan a lot. Stan claimed his back was always playing up plus he was overweight. In 1980 he thought he was allergic to beer, but eggs was to blame, although he always did have another allergy, an allergy to work. In fairness, Stan's health was a slur on his ability to work, even though he was often work shy. Eddie Yeats was a harder worker but at home he could be as sloppy as Stan at the Ogden's house, and as inept at times, often irritating Hilda as she had 2 slobs to run round after. She used to come home and find Stan and Eddie had left the place a tip with newspapers strewn everywhere and dirty cutlery and crockery everywhere.

As Stan's health deteriorated he even started borrowing off a moneylender Syd Kippax in 1983. Kippax started to pester Stan for the money back but Eddie paid Kippax in full and saw him off. Hilda suggested Stan pack up work altogether but Stan was still only 60, or so he thought. As Stan was now almost infirm, he could not climb ladders so Eddie bought Stan's window cleaning round, becoming Stan's boss. Eddie cleaned the upstairs windows and Stan did the downstairs windows. Stan agreed. Stan appeared to lose a bit of weight soon after.

In November 1983, Stan and Hilda decided to go on a 40th wedding anniversary cruise and he had to find his birth

Eddie looks at Stan's birth certificate.

certificate to get his passport. As he was born in Weatherfield he applied to Weatherfield Registry Office. A search was done for his birth in 1922 but the only Stanley Isaiah Ogden birth in the records was of one in May 1919. He found that he was 3 years older than what he thought he was, meaning he did not have to wait until 17 May 1987 to get his pension, but 17 May 1984 - just 6 months away. He was born in May 1919 and not May 1922. This meant that Stan was 64 in late 1983 so just a few months off getting his pension. It seems Stan was kept back at school and his parents lost track of his age, and had lost or never had a copy of his birth certificate. When Eddie Yeats moved to Bury, Stan took back his window cleaning round but specialised in bungalows as he had knee problems and struggled to climb ladders like he used to.

In January 1984, Stan appeared to be more alert again and more talkative. He stubbed his toe and was awarded £200 damages. He seemed to be more active again, even if he was still slightly infirm. He kept going down the bank and drawing money out from his compensation, as Hilda thought any money of Stan's was also hers. He carried on cleaning bungalows. In March 1984 he agreed not to keep drawing out any more money.

However by late April, early May, his health started to deteriorate again and his back was playing him up yet again and he started to become bed ridden and needed constant nursing by Hilda. Hilda said to new lodger Terry Duckworth that his back is playing up but that Dr. Lowther reckons it could be "anni domino" in Hilda's words. Terry started doing betting for Stan. In May 1984, Stan celebrated his 65th birthday in bed, so finally started receiving his pension, meaning he could give up work altogether, or in Stan's case, at least turning up for work and lazing around. Linda Cheveski joked that he does not have to pretend to be retired any more. Nobody bought Stan's window cleaning round, which consisted of the cart and cleaning equipment. In late May 1984, Hilda said that Stan seems to be getting a bit better. He still remained bed ridden due to his back.

In August 1984, a few months after Stan retired, Hilda suggested that her work colleague Fred Gee take over Stan's window cleaning round as no one had taken it over yet. Fred rejected this idea when Hilda said it was £150 for the round. Stan remained bed ridden, and he seemed to not be getting any better.

In early November 1984, 65-year old Stan's health worsened. Hilda became more tired from looking after him and even started taking unofficial time off work. Billy Walker was unaware of the reason why Hilda kept coming into work late, and got annoyed at how she seemed to be slacking. He visited her and threatened to sack her until she cried in front of him, saying Stan is very ill and she is exhausted nursing him. Billy softened, and realised this is why she had been taking time off work, and Billy said for her to take as much time off as she needs to. Billy called for Deirdre Barlow and Percy Sugden to stay with Hilda. Deirdre called the doctor, Dr. Meakin and he admitted Stan to Weatherfield General Hospital for tests. Stan appeared to be a bit brighter once he was admitted, and was on a lot of medication but he died a few days later on the night of 21st November. Hilda was informed. It was said that Stan may have known he was dying, but was frightened of being officially diagnosed as terminally ill. Stan was buried at North Cross Cemetery in late November.

After the funeral, back at home, and on her own, Hilda quietly wept as she opened Stan's glasses, which was among his possessions returned from the hospital.

Christmas 1984 was a lonely time for Hilda, her first Christmas without Stan for 40 years. She put on a brave face.

After his death[]

In December 1984, just after Stan died, Jack Duckworth was henpecked by his wife Vera Duckworth into taking over Stan's old window cleaning round. Vera and Terry coughed up the money to get lazy Jack out working again. They bought the round off Hilda.

In January 1985, just 2 months after Stan died, Hilda had learned to adapt to life without Stan when she took in lodgers

Kevin Webster, Hilda Ogden's lodger, asleep in Stan's old chair.

Henry Wakefield and then later on, young mechanic Kevin Webster. Occasionally Kevin would fall asleep in Stan's chair with the newspaper strewn all over his lap. This reminded Hilda of Stan. In November 1985, Hilda remembered Stan on the first anniversary of his death.

Hilda became quite protective of Kevin, in a similar way she was of her late husband Stan, even if Hilda barely nagged Kevin the way she did Stan.

In late 1987 Hilda was offered a chance to be Dr Lowther's housekeeper in the quiet Derbyshire countryside. Hilda jumped at the chance and retired to the countryside in December 1987, and sold No 13 to Kevin and Sally.

In 1990, when Hilda made a visit to Weatherfield, she visited Stan's grave. In Ep 3431 - 31 Aug 1992, Bet showed Raquel Wolstenhulme a photo of Stan and Hilda.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
Kitchener Street May 1919 to unknown date
Chapel Street Unknown date to July 1964
13 Coronation Street July 1964 to mid November 1984
Weatherfield General Hospital Mid November to 21 November 1984

Employment history[]

Role Institution Duration
Lorry driver
Window cleaner 1971 to May 1984


  • Contrary to popular belief, Stan did not die of gangrene. In August 1984 actor Bernard Youens died of a stroke as well as suffering from gangrene. In the show, Stan Ogden's exact cause of death was never stated, just that he was ill and needed care. When Stan died, it was said the doctors did not know how bad he was until they got him in. And Emily Bishop then said that Stan may have known how bad he was just did not want to know, and left it too late. His death may have been cancer.
  • Stan last appeared in March 1984, and was not seen for months, and dialogue in the show was said that Stan became ill due to his back problems flaring up again, and took to his bed, and required nursing. This all happened offscreen, although viewers did see Hilda call up to Stan, and even Curly Watts called up to Stan one night, telling him to sleep well. Also in one episode we did hear Stan gently banging on the bedroom floor to Hilda downstairs in the living room. Stan was then admitted to hospital, where he died offscreen, this meant Stan never had a proper onscreen exit, but his funeral took place onscreen in late November.
  • Actor Bernard Youens suffered a stroke in late October 1975. As the episodes were filmed a few weeks before transmission, Stan remained onscreen until 12th November 1975 and did not return until 19th January 1976. Bernard's stroke left his speech slightly impaired, and this meant Stan also had impaired speech. No on screen explanation was given for the character's acquired speech impairment but in mid December 1975, it was said that Stan was stranded in France due to his friend's lorry breaking down, so was unable to make the Christmas panto. Due to the actor having a stroke, the right side of his face was slightly paralysed, and it looked like Stan had a stroke but he was never said to have had. By late 1978, Stan appeared to be talking more clearly again, as Bernard hired a speech therapist to conquer much of his speech impairment.
  • In 1983, Stan was supposed to be 61 years of age as his established date of birth was 17 May 1922. He celebrated his 50th birthday in May 1972, supporting the 1922 date. By late 1983, actor Bernard Youens was 68 years of age, playing a character who was supposed to be 7 years younger than himself. Bernard was happy to carry on playing Stan but was plagued with health problems, meaning that Stan still had to wait almost 4 years to get his pension (May 1987, his 65th birthday). So a storyline was written where Stan and Hilda wanted to get a passport, meaning Stan had to get a copy of his birth certificate. In November 1983, Stan found out that his last birthday in May 1983 was his 64th, not his 61st. As he had never needed his birth certificate until now, Stan always assumed he was born in May 1922. It was suggested that he may have been kept back at school and his parents had lost track of his age. He was not a dunce and being kept back at school was not a slur on his intelligence. Stan was born in May 1919 so in late 1983 he was just 5 months off pension age. He was delighted that he could finally be lazy and get paid for it. On a side note, Stan was supposed to be 48 in 1964, so thus born in May 1916, however he was aged down a bit to 1922, then aged up again in 1983. If the writers had stuck to his original age in 1964, he'd have become eligible for pension in May 1981.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 29 June 1964–7 March 1984

Born: 17th May 1919, Kitchener Street, Weatherfield, Lancashire

Died: 21st November 1984 Weatherfield General Hospital, Weatherfield, Manchester

Full Name: Stanley Isaiah Ogden

Parents: Isaiah Ogden and Mary Ogden (Nee Pearson)

Siblings: Mr Ogden

Spouse: Hilda Crabtree (1943-1984)

Children: Irma Barlow (1946), Trevor Ogden (1949), Tony Ogden (c1952), Sylvia Ogden (c1955)

GrandchildrenDarren Barlow, Damian Ogden, Jayne Ogden

Cousins: Edwin (Whether paternal or maternal is unknown)

Aunts: Clara Etheridge, Cissy

Uncles: Edwin

Occupation: Lorry Driver (c1950-1964), Chauffeur (1964), Ice Cream Seller (1966), Coal hewer, Self employed window cleaner (until 1984)

Nicknames: Oggie, Stan The Terrible