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Stephen Reid was a recurring character in Coronation Street who first appeared in Ep 3967 - 29 Jan 1996. He is the biological son of Audrey Roberts and the older half-brother of Gail Rodwell. Audrey was forced to give him up for adoption after his birth, although still kept in touch. He made visits to Coronation Street in 1996, 1997 and 2007, with Gail's family paying him visits in Milan time to time. He last appeared in Ep 6717 - 26 Dec 2007. He returned in June 2022 after nearly 15 years away.

Stephen is played by Todd Boyce.



Stephen was born on the 6th February 1956, the illegitimate son of Audrey Potter and Geoff Masters. Audrey's parents forced her to adopt the baby out. Malcolm Reid and his wife Joyce Reid adopted Stephen. They later emigrated to Canada. In 1958, Audrey gave birth to Gail Potter. Audrey cried as she waved the Reid's off at Liverpool docks. Audrey secretly kept in touch. Gail was too young at the time her older half brother went to Canada, and as he had been adopted a while before, she would not know about her older half brother until years later. His adoptive mother Joyce passed away in the 1980s.

In early 1988, Stephen was involved in a car crash and Audrey flew out to see him, although she didn't inform her daughter or husband Alf Roberts about the reason why at the time. After her return Gail discovered at the age of 30 that she had an older half-brother. Stephen's adoptive father Malcolm arrived in Weatherfield hoping to get with Audrey and bring her back to Canada, although she decided to remain with her husband Alf.

In 1991 when Audrey and Alf previously split up, she contacted Stephen asking if Malcolm's proposal was still available, but then discovered Malcolm was due to marry another woman named Ruth.


Stephen Reid.png
Stephen in 1996.

In January 1996, Stephen came to England to visit his family. He got to know his birth mother Audrey more, and his half sister Gail Platt. Stephen offered his nephew Nick Tilsley a job in Canada and Nick accepted.

Stephen returned to England in January 1997 for a few weeks. He then returned to Canada, and was not to visit Weatherfield for the next 10 years.

Between 1997 to 1999

In February 1999, Stephen got married to a woman named Gabrielle, with Gail and Audrey flying over to Canada to attend the wedding.


Stephen returned in December 2007 to visit his family for the Christmas period. He offered his nephew David Platt a job at his new business in Milan, which David accepted. This angered David's older sister Sarah, due to the way he treated herself at the rest of the Platt family for the past few years. She set David up by planting drugs at the Salon, which resulted in him getting into trouble and the job being given to Sarah instead. She left for Milan at the end of the month with her daughter Bethany.

Between 2007 to 2022

In 2015 Bethany left Milan to return to Weatherfield, and Sarah returned to the UK with the intention of getting her back. Sarah intended to stay a little while in Weatherfield, but neglected her work duties in Milan. Stephen wanted her to send a document to him of importance, but Sarah was too busy making out with Callum Logan, which resulted in Stephen sacking her. Sarah decided to remain in Weatherfield after that.

In October 2017, Bethany flew out to Milan with Sarah, Gary and Harry to see Stephen in order to take a break after a long and emotional ordeal involving her testifying against her pimp boyfriend Nathan Curtis. Sarah returned to Weatherfield with Gary and Harry whilst Bethany remained in Milan with Stephen which was at the time presumed to be an extended holiday. However Bethany phoned Sarah, informing her that she planned to remain in Milan. Despite this, she returned to the United Kingdom.


He will return in June 2022 to visit Audrey, who is suffering dependence on alcohol. He will be attracted to Elaine Jones.

Background information

  • Stephen was first mentioned in the series in 1988, and was depicted in a photograph alongside Audrey and Malcolm, although it is unknown who the stand in was as Stephen. He wouldn't make his on-screen debut until eight years later.
  • Although Stephen is Gail's older half-brother, in actuality actor Todd Boyce is eleven years younger than Gail's actress Helen Worth.



List of addresses

Address Duration
Manchester, England 1956
Canada 1950s to December 2007
Milan December 2007 onwards

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Businessman N/A unknown date to present

Memorable info

Appearances: 29 Jan 1996–21 Feb 1996, 10 Jun 1996-11 Sep 1996, 6–27 Jan 1997, 10–26 Dec 2007, 24 June 2022-

Born: 6th February 1956 (or 6th Feb 1957) (The 60th Anniversary book notes him as born 1957 instead of 1956)

Full Name: Stephen Reid (nee Potter)

Siblings: Gail Rodwell (half-sister)

Father: Geoff Masters

Mother: Audrey Roberts

Spouse: Gabrielle (1999-?)

Children: 1

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