Corrie steve baker

Young soldier and old soldier. Steve chatting to Albert Tatlock.

Steve Baker was a minor character in Coronation Street in 1975. He was a friend of Martin Downes, who was the long lost son of Bet Lynch. Steve was played by Alan Igbon who, 30 years later, became the first actor to play Tony Stewart.



Steve Baker was born in about 1957. By 1974 he was a young soldier in the army. He became good friends with Martin Downes. Martin knew he was adopted as a baby and his birth mother was Elizabeth Lynch. Steve helped Martin trace Bet, and they knew she was a barmaid in Weatherfield, where she was from as well.


In early July 1974, Martin Downes was on leave from the army alongside Steve. So they decided to scour the pubs of Weatherfield looking for a barmaid called Elizabeth Lynch. They made enquiries and asked female barmaids their names. They tried The Pineapple Inn. They then tried the Rovers Return. They found that there was 2 barmaids working there called Elizabeth, both known as Bet and Betty. Steve quizzed Betty and she said her maiden name was Preston. They then heard Annie Walker refer to Bet as "Miss Lynch". Martin then realised that Bet Lynch must be his mother. Bet arrived for work and Martin and Steve saw Bet being very flirty with the customers. Martin took a dim view of this so left, not telling Bet who he really was. Steve and Martin then returned to duty.

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