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Sunita Alahan.

Sunita Alahan was a character in Coronation Street from 2001 to 2013. She was the wife of Dev Alahan.





Dev and Sunita reconciled again in 2010 and they bought a house on Coronation Street to move in with the twins. In December 2010 Sunita was trapped in the back of the Corner Shop when a tram derailed following an explosion at the Joinery Bar, and the front carriage smashed into the shop. She was later retrieved by emergency services, and made a full recovery - although her and Dev's shop assistant Molly Dobbs died.

Growing tired of her life, Sunita got a job at the Rovers Return as a barmaid and got into an affair with Karl Munro. When they were found out by Dev and Karl's partner (and landlady) Stella Price, Sunita allowed Karl to move in with her as Dev moved out. But Sunita got fed up with Karl's laziness, and kicked him out.

Aftermath of death[]

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  • Sunita is just one of 2 female characters to have died in The Rovers Return. The other one was Martha Longhurst way back in 1964. Although 4 characters in total have died in the Rovers. The other two are Ray Langton and Eric Babbage.