Sybil Elliott
First appearance Unseen
Last appearance Unseen
Status Deceased
Death 1975, Weatherfield
Home Weatherfield
Spouse(s) Fred Elliott (1959-1975)
Children None

Sybil Elliott (Nee Unknown) was the late wife of Fred Elliott. They married in 1959 and Sybil died in 1975.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Sybil met butcher Fred Elliott in the 1950s. They married in 1959 when Fred was 21 years old. Sybil and Fred never had any children.

Sybil died in early 1975 aged about 35. She had been married to Fred for 16 years.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Throughout the rest of 1975, Fred grieved for Sybil, and her death hit him hard. Fred employed Kathleen Gutteridge at his butcher's shop. By early 1976, it had been a year since Sybil died and Fred was still grieving. He slept with Kathleen after she provided him with comfort. Kathleen soon said she was pregnant. Fred proposed but she turned him down. They both agreed to give the baby to Fred's childless sister Beryl Peacock and her husband Sam Peacock. Once baby Ashley was born, Fred and Kathleen handed him to his sister Beryl and Kathleen left the area.

Fred did mention Sybil a few times to friends and neighbours, as well as his secret son Ashley who was lead to think he was Fred's nephew.

Memorable info[edit | edit source]

Born: About 1939

Died: 1975

Full Name: Sybil Elliott (Unknown Maiden Surname)



Spouse: Fred Elliott (1959-1975)

Children: None

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