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Ted Page was a character in Coronation Street who appeared from Ep 6805/6806 - 28 Apr 2008 to Ep 7262 - 29 Jan 2010. He was the absent father of Gail Platt, who came back into her life in 2008 after only just finding out about her existence from his ex-girlfriend Audrey Roberts. He instantly bonded with Gail despite the long period of time and became acquainted with her family, which included her son (and his grandson) David Platt, Ted had also befriended local street resident Ken Barlow due to their shared interest in literature and theatre.

Although living in London Ted would frequently visit Weatherfield to see his family. His last visit was in January 2010 shortly after Gail's wedding to Joe McIntyre, which Ted was delighted to finally have the opportunity of finally giving his daughter away. Despite remaining in London he kept contact with Gail and her family until his passing in February 2021.

He was played by Michael Byrne.



Ted Page was born in about 1940. In order to prove to her father that she was mature and grown up enough, Audrey Potter got herself pregnant by Ted Page in the summer of 1957. Audrey and Ted were both 17 at the time. However when he proposed, she realised she didn't love him and turned it down, not disclosing to Ted that she was pregnant. In about August/September 1957, Ted left to join the army and lost contact with Audrey, who later gave birth to his daughter Gail in April 1958. After two failed relationships with women, Ted met a man called James in the 1980s and they started a relationship, and later married in 2006. But Ted was heartbroken when James passed away the following year.


Ted arrived in Weatherfield in April 2008 when old flame Audrey (now with the surname Roberts) got in touch. She had revealed the truth that she had been pregnant to Ted, and he felt agitated that he didn't get to see his daughter grow up, or the birth of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Ted later met Gail and they bonded instantly, and he met his grandson David Platt (his granddaughter Sarah Louise Platt was staying in Italy with great granddaughter Bethany. Ted had also revealed he was gay and how he recently lost James.

Ted also became good friends with local Coronation Street resident Ken Barlow and shared interests in music and theatre. But this friendship caused Ken's acid-tongued mother-in-law Blanche Hunt to make remarks that Ken is gay, especially when she discovered his strange taste in reading material. Although this wasn't the case, Blanche still enjoyed teasing Ken.

In 2009 Ted discovered Ken's affair with actress Martha Fraser, but chose to stand by his friend as long as he felt he was making the right decision. In the end though Ken decided to remain with his wife Deirdre.

In the summer of 2009 Ted moved into Audrey's to house sit while she went to Italy to visit Sarah and Bethany along with Gail. But he ended up getting a shock when knocked over by Gary Windass who was in the process of burgling the place, which was on the orders of David (as he wanted to set Gary up). Although Ted wasn't seriously hurt, the shock caused him to suffer a heart attack. Gary was arrested, but Ted told the police Gary didn't attack him. Gary received two-months in prison. Ted was horrified that his grandson had planned the robbery to stitch up Gary, although did take sympathy on David when he was realised how much he was hurting due to his break up with Tina and realising he wouldn't be getting back with her.

Later that year Ted celebrated Remembrance Day at the Rovers, although was disgusted when Gary cracked jokes about the late serviceman and showed disrespect. The residents got Ted's back and pointed out Gary's ill attempts at humour, which also included ex-serviceman Peter Barlow. Gary showed remorse for his actions and went to make up with Ted, who had a chat with the young man and put him straight. This inspired Gary to sign up for the army himself.

Ted's last scene.

After Gail got engaged to her partner Joe McIntyre she asked Ted if he could give her away, which he happily accepted. He did so in January 2010. He also lent Joe money to put a disposit on a flat, however this was just a ruse by Joe who was in debt with a loan shark named Rick Neelan. Ted was last seen having dinner with Joe and Gail. While Gail went away to take a call, Ted kindly asked Joe when he would repay back the money, although didn't rush him, jokingly (and ironically) stating he wasn't a loan shark. When Joe told him that Ted would get the money within a week Ted was fine with that, unaware that he wouldn't see the money ever.

Joe later died when attempting to fake his death at the lake district in order to inherit life insurance and pay off the loan sharks, but this only caused him to drown to death. Gail was accused of killing Joe and remanded in custody, but Ted was unable to come to Weatherfield to support her as he had fallen ill. But she was later found not guilty and released, and she told him over the phone.

After 2010[]

Although not seen in Weatherfield since January 2010, Gail mentioned in 2015 she still kept contact with her father.

In April 2020, Ted sent Gail a birthday card.

Ted met another man named Andrew. Ted passed away in February 2021, eleven years following his last visit to Coronation Street, with the news being broken to Gail by Andrew over the phone. She traveled down to London in order to sort out the funeral arrangements. Before his death Ted had already got his affairs in order, and left Gail money in his will. This allowed her to buy back Number 8 Coronation Street.


Ted was a laid back and easy going man and supportive of others on the street. He was shown to hold little to no grudge of resentment towards other people, and held nothing against Audrey when finding out she had failed to inform him for many years that she had given birth to his daughter and became good friends with Audrey. Despite Gary Windass indirectly causing Ted's heart attack when robbing Audrey's house Ted had no ill will against Gary and made sure the police knew that Gary didn't attack him, which meant Gary was spared an extended prison sentence. When Gary mocked the servicemen who died during the war Ted was disgusted at first, but managed to make Gary see the error of his ways by telling him about his own army service, which led to Gary to consider joining the army himself. It is implied that Ted's own army service contributes to his more laid back personality.

Ted took a lot of things in his stride. When Ken's mother-in-law Blanche Hunt made fun of the pair of them for being lovers Ted simply found the situation amusing rather than being offended, although Ken found Blanche's remarks annoying due to having to her living with him and always having to listen to it. When Blanche later made a remark about Ted's homosexuality when he returned in January 2009 Ted simply greeted her with a smile. Although Blanche's remarks were more about getting under Ken's skin rather than being homophobic.

Ted also didn't judge others on their mistakes; when he found out that Ken was having an affair with actress Martha Fraser he chose not to put Ken down and simply wanted to make sure his friend was making the right decision.

Hobbies and Interests[]

Ted was interested in reading and the arts. He enjoyed going to theatres and museums. This interest was shared with Ken Barlow which helped form their friendship.


Background information[]

  • A father to Gail Potter was mentioned as far back as 1975, in which she said that her parents were very religious and strict of her. However in 1979 her mother Audrey Potter was introduced, in which Gail's backstory was modified in which Audrey was unmarried and Gail was an illegitimate child and her father was absent, which created a continuity error. Audrey also had another illegitimate child, a son named Stephen Reid, although this wasn't revealed until the late 1980s.
  • The first proper disclosure about the identity of Gail's father came in 2000, in which Audrey showed Gail a photo of Ted as a young man and revealed his name. This came around the time when Gail's teenage daughter Sarah got pregnant by Neil Fearns. This came about eight years before Ted's introduction to the show.
  • In March 2008 it was reported that Michael Byrne was cast as Ted Page, with his scenes expected to air around the summer (although this ended up being the following month). By this point Byrne was a veteran actor known for his numerous film and television roles, most notably as Nazi Ernst Vogel in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Ted made his first appearance on 28th April 2008.
  • Byrne appeared in the role on a recurring basis for just under two years, with Ted making his final appearance on 29th January 2010. At the time there was no announcement that Byrne was out of the show for good, so Ted didn't have a proper exit and instead was last seen having dinner with his family before returning to London. Ted wouldn't return to the series again, presumably due to Byrne's other acting schedules. The character ended up being killed off-screen in February 2021, eleven years after his last appearance.


  • "Either you were the younger sister of Audrey Potter, or I was involved with a minor" (first line to Audrey)
  • "A week's fine" (final line)

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 28 April 2008–8 July 2009, 6 November 2009–29 January 2010

Born: c.1940

Died: 5th February 2021 (around 80-81 years old)

Full Name: Ted Page


Father: Mr. Page (deceased)

Mother: Mrs. Page

Spouse: James

Children: Gail Platt (1958)

Grandchildren: Nick Tilsley, Sarah Louise Platt, David Platt

Great-grandchildren: Bethany Platt, Billy Platt, Lily Platt

Ancestors: Augustus Page and Fanny Page

Distant cousin: George Shuttleworth