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The Kabin in 2013.

The Kabin is the newsagents in Coronation Street directly opposite the Corner shop. The premises that houses the newsagents was built in 1989 and has been in use since 1990. The Kabin stands on the site of the former Community centre and before that The Mission Hall, which was demolished in 1968.

Rosamund Street premises[]

Move of premises to Coronation Street, 1990[]

Mavis and Rita in The Kabin in 1994.


Betty Turpin in the Kabin in 1998.

In 1990, the new Kabin opened for business.

In 1997 Mavis left Coronation Street, ending her and Rita's partnership in the shop of 24 years.

In 2008, the shop was robbed by youths, leaving Norris shaken. That same year Tony Gordon attempted to buy the shop from Rita as he was planning on expanding the Underworld factory. Although Rita was tempted, she decided not to sell up.

In late 2009, following the death of Norris' long lost brother Ramsay Clegg, Rita decided to retire and go on a cruise. Norris bought her share of the Kabin with money Ramsay left him, and became the owner of the shop. Despite this though, Rita returned in March 2010 and he allowed her to return to work, where she acted like she still owned the place.

In December 2010 Rita was trapped in the shop when a tram crashed off the viaduct, with one end smashing into the Kabin. Rita was eventually rescued from the wreckage and recovered in hospital. In March 2011, the rebuilt shop was reopened, and Norris' friend Mary Taylor renamed it "Norris's News". However Rita wasn't happy, so Norris changed it back.


Rita's old fling and former neighbour Dennis Tanner began to help out around the Kabin when he moved in with Rita in 2011, however Norris didn't approve.

In 2017 friends of Gemma Winter (Rita's new surrogate daughter) let themselves into the Kabin after Rita forget to lock up and robbed the place.