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Tony Gordon was a villainous factory worker who was responsible for masterminding the murder of Liam Connor. He was also married to Carla Connor and was in a relationship with Liam's widowed wife Maria. Tony was eventually locked up for his deeds, but broke out of prison in a storyline dubbed "Siege Week" in which he burned down Underworld and met his demise. He appeared in Coronation Street from Ep 6642 - 16 Sep 2007 to Ep 7356/7357 - 9 Jun 2010. He was also the protagonist villain of the online miniseries Tony's Mind.

He was played by Scottish actor Gray O'Brien.



Anthony Gordon was born in 1971 to his parents Mr and Mrs. Gordon. When Tony's father suffered from a heart attack Tony allowed him to die, feeling that his mother was better off without.


Tony Gordon arrived in Coronation Street in September 2007. He was the owner of a clothing firm known as Gordon's Catalogues, who offered Carla Connor a contract. Tony gave a contract to Underworld, the factory. He planned to expand his business and offered to sell Rita Sullivan out of The Kabin and Kevin Webster to sell his garage so he could demolish them and expand the factory. Kevin refused to sell so Tony enlisted Jimmy Dockerson to sabotage Kevin's business. Tony's darker side started to emerge.

In August 2008, he had a plan to demolish several Victorian terrace houses nearby to Coronation Street. One of them was Nightingale Terrace, of which a former Coronation Street resident, Jed Stone lived at one of the houses, No 23. Jed Stone rebelled against Tony so Tony and his henchmen menaced Jed out of his home. Jed had a heart attack and Tony left him for dead but Jason Grimshaw arrived. Tony said Jed was going to sign the eviction papers but then had a heart attack. In hospital, Tony had harsh words with Jed. Later on Jed accepted more money from Tony.

Having found out that Carla was having an affair with her brother in law Liam Connor, Tony plotted a calculating scheme which involved murdering Liam as he feared Carla would get with him. Tony asked a reluctant Liam to be his best man at his wedding to Carla, lying that he had a falling out with his brother Pat. Liam accepted the offer.

On the stag night, Tony hired Jimmy to run Liam over and make the death look like a simple hit and run and accident rather than a murder. Liam died in Tony's arms, where Tony quietly gloated to Liam about his victory.

Carla was devastated by the death and took a break, while Liam's widow Maria grieved as she discovered she was pregnant. Tony feigned concern and support for Maria over the loss of Liam, but was angry that Liam still seemed to dominate and dictate his life beyond the grave, and despite his efforts Carla ended up leaving. However after a short break Carla returned and agreed to marry Tony.

But things wouldn't go smoothly for Tony. Jed Stone returned and moved in with Emily Bishop (who he had known back in the 1960s) and made trouble for Tony and made clear he wanted compensation for his eviction and loss of his cat. Before the wedding Tony's brother Pat arrived, despite the fact they were "meant" to be on bad terms, which caused suspicion. It also became clear to Pat that Tony was not a popular man on the street, as Kevin Webster bad mouthed him about the whole deal with trying to close down his garage and Jed continued bothering Tony.

On the wedding day Tony successfully married Carla and went away on a honeymoon with her. But Maria found out about Carla's affair with Liam as Sally Webster (out of spite for Carla mocking her family) showed her footage of Liam and Carla kissing. Maria attempted to stop Carla leaving, but it was too late as she and Tony drove off into the night.

When Maria discovered that Tony knew about the affair, she began to (rightfully) believe Tony was responsible for Liam's death. When Tony returned Maria launched a campaign against him and tried to convince others he was a murderer. Frustrated, Tony went to visit Maria and tried to bribe her with money, before plotting to strangle her. This was interrupted however by Fiz's arrival, and Tony put Maria's erratic behaviour down to her grieving. The only person to believe Maria was Jed himself, who informed her on how Tony harassed him for weeks and caused his stroke and was close to leaving him for dead.

Jed continued to bother Tony for money. When Tony went to meet Jimmy in an alleyway at night, Jed spotted the pair of them and flashed a torch at them. When Jimmy realised Jed knew they were in cahoots, he warned Tony not to contact him again.

On Christmas Eve Jed turned up at the factory, hoping to finally get a bigger payment and a house so he could finally get out from under Emily's feet. Fed up with Jed's constant demands, Tony made clear he wouldn't be getting anymore money and mocked him, referring to him as a drunken old fool. But during this heated exchange Tony slipped up and named Jimmy, and only caused further suspicion to Jed that Tony murdered Liam. Angry at Tony for mocking him, Jed threatened to destroy Tony, which caused an angry Tony to strangle Jed and cause him to pass out. Believing he has killed Jed, Tony stashed his body inside a Christmas hamper in the factory and decorated it and finished up preparing the place for the staff arriving for the Christmas party. After they left the party, Tony planned to dispose of the body but ended up leaving with Carla.

The following day, Tony returned the factory, having made an excuse to Carla that one of his properties had been broken into and he needs to speak to the police. He prepares to dispose of Jed's body, only to find him still alive. A relieved Tony offers Jed an ultimatum, either Tony will finish what he has started, or instead he will give Jed one of his empty properties and money to start a new life elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, Jed agrees with the latter, and Tony gets his belongings and moves him to Wigan.

Tony then continues to live through with his life up until Carla eventually discovers his crimes, and he ends up getting arrested. A year later, Tony escapes Weatherfield with help from his cellmate Robbie Solane - whom he later kills over a disagreement with his payment.

In June 2010 Tony finally meets his demise when he holds Hayley Cropper and Carla Connor hostage. Carla shoots him and escapes so Tony decides to deliberately barbecue himself by walking into the flames. The factory explodes, killing an already burnt Tony. His reign of terror is over.


The morning following the siege, both Tony and Robbie's charred remains were removed in body bags and taken away. Tony was given a state funeral. The factory would later be rebuilt, allowing Carla to finally move on from Tony. Due to Tony's death, Maria chose to remain in the area, having finally found peace that her husband's murderer was no more. Tony's remains were presumably cremated, although no fanfare was made of his send-off with Carla, Maria or anyone else mentioning his service. His brother Pat presumably didn't return for his brother's funeral, as Maria mentioned a few months later that he had disowned Tony due to him killing Liam.

Tony was mentioned by Hayley Cropper in January 2014 to Carla Connor at a time when she was dying from pancreatic cancer. Hayley revealed to Carla she was grateful for saving her life from the factory, and that she appreciated her life everyday since the siege.

Tony was mentioned in March 2020 by Roy Cropper, 10 years after his death.

Kill Count[]

Total: 2

Background Information[]

  • Scottish born actor Gray O'Brien's casting as Tony was announced in August 2007, with the character being described as the show's new "heartthrob".
  • Following Robert James-Collier quitting the role of Liam Connor in February 2008, it was later revealed that the character would be killed off in a murder storyline, in which the suspects would either be Carla Connor, Maria Connor or Tony himself. It was later confirmed that Tony would indeed kill Liam, and that three scenarios were filmed to keep viewers guessing. The story leading to Liam's death was "Murder Week", which ended with Tony successfully having Liam killed in a hit and run incident, with the driver being Tony's henchman Jimmy Dockerson.
  • The story concerning the aftermath of Liam's murder and Tony trying to contain the secret would last for another year on the show, with many twists being introduced such as Tony's confession to wife Carla (which lead to the temporary exit of the character, due to Alison King going on maternity leave), Tony befriending and eventually entering into a relationship with Liam's widow Maria Connor, and then proposing to Maria on the first anniversary of Liam's death. The story was originally going to conclude in late 2009, which would have seen Tony go to prison for good. But due to the character's popularity and the producers good relationship with O'Brien, they offered to extend his contract to last until 2010, as they planned an "exciting" story for his character. O'Brien accepted the offer, although he took a break from the show to accommodate him appearing in a Christmas pantomime. During O'Brien's absence Tony was locked up in prison for Liam's murder.
  • Tony's return was teased in February 2010 by producer Kim Crowther, who hinted at Tony's more unstable mind having spent time behind bars. O'Brien returned to filming, which lasted for at least four weeks, and broadcast from late May to early June 2010 as part of "Siege Week", the overall conclusion to the Tony Gordon saga. Tony was killed off at the end of the plot on 9th June 2010.


"Who cast the first stone?" when holding people hostage.


  • Tony Gordon's large eye was made fun of by Harry Hill on Harry Hill's TV Burp in 2007, in which Harry wore a massive toy eyeball over his own eye.
  • Tony was referenced to in January 2014 by Hayley Cropper, who said she counted herself lucky every day since nearly meeting her demise at his hands.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
Scotland Upbringing
Unknown address in Weatherfield presumably around early 2000s to 22nd February 2008
4 Drapers Mill Apartments, Weatherfield Quays 22nd February 2008 to 14th August 2009
7 Coronation Street 14th August 2009 to 16th November 2009
Highfield Prison 16th November 2009 to 1st June 2010

List of occupations[]

Role Institution Duration
Gordon's Catalogues Owner 2007 to 2010
Underworld Co-owner 20th June 2008 to March 2010
Lad Rags Co-owner April 2009 to November 2009


Memorable Information[]

Appearances: 16 September 2007–11 December 2009, 28 May–9 June 2010

Birth: 1971

Death: 1 June 2010 (Age 38–39)

Parents: Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Gordon (deceased)

Siblings: Pat Gordon

Grandfathers: Mr Gordon (Tony Gordon's Grandfather)

Spouses: Lindsey Gordon (1998–2007), Carla Connor (2008–2010)

Uncles: Robert Gordon