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Tony Horrocks.

Tony Horrocks was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 3938 - 22 Nov 1995 to Ep 4151 - 28 Feb 1997, and again from Ep 4494 - 21 Oct 1998 to Ep 4523 - 11 Dec 1998. He was the son of Natalie Barnes. Tony was played by Lee Warburton.



Anthony Horrocks was born on the 16th June 1975 to Nick Horrocks and Natalie nee Brownlow. As he got older, Tony decided to forge a career in mechanics.


In November 1995, 20 year old Tony started working as Kevin Webster's apprentice at MVB Motors. Tony later almost went into partnership with Don Brennan who buys the garage from Mike Baldwin. Tony's father Nick offers to help but backs out when he sees what a shambles the finances are. Tony later dates Fiona Middleton. In February 1997, Tony accidentally runs over Joyce Smedley, which proved fatal for Joyce. At the end of February 1997, a guilt ridden Tony moves away to Leeds to start afresh.

While in Leeds, Tony got into trouble and owed money to drug dealers.

In October 1998, Tony returned to Weatherfield for his mother's wedding to Des Barnes. A short time later, Tony was on the run from drug dealers and asked his mother for help. The dealers followed him and then arrived at Natalie's house and they attacked Tony. Des tried to defend Tony but was attacked and died in hospital. Tony later left the street for the last time, but seemed to stay in Weatherfield. He also knew Jez Quigley, a local villain.

1999 Death and body later found[]

In February 1999, Tony was brutally beaten to death, organised by Jez Quigley. Tony was just 23 years old. His body was dumped in a cellar and was left undiscovered for over a year.

In March 2000 Vinny Sorrell found the dead body when working on a building site. It was believed at first to be a local killer, Bernard Cartwright, who died over 100 years before, and whose grandson Fred Elliott lived in the area. But the dead body was later revealed to be Tony Horrocks. Natalie was devastated.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 22 November 1995–28 February 1997, 21 October–11 December 1998

Born: 16th June 1975

Death: 6th February 1999

Full Name: Anthony John Horrocks

ParentsNick Horrocks and Natalie Barnes

Siblings: Laura Barnes