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Underworld is a factory in Coronation Street and is a major source of employment for locals. It was built in 1990 and bought in 1998 by Mike Baldwin who named it Underworld.

Following Mike's death in 2006 and Danny selling up, the Connor family began running it, first with Paul and Liam Connor, with Carla Connor prominently running it from 2007 to 2016 (with a load of mishaps along the way). Following Carla's original departure in 2016, extended Connor family members began running it until it temporarily shut down in 2017. Alya Nazir (Aidan Connor's business partner) is the current owner, having been left it by Aidan in his will following his suicide.

Other male factory bosses following Mike Baldwin include Tony Gordon, Luke Strong, Frank Foster and Rob Donovan, although they didn't have a long tenure and mostly ended up becoming villains and some even being killed.




An unstable Don Brennan set fire to the factory in 1997 as part of a revenge scheme against his nemesis Mike Baldwin. However the plan to take down Mike backfired as Mike ended up getting the insurance for the fire, much to Don's anger.

In June 2010, former owner Tony Gordon and his accomplice Robbie Sloane held Carla and Hayley hostage at the fire. Tony killed Robbie, released Hayley and burned the place down in the hopes of killing both him and Carla. However Carla escaped, and Tony perished when the factory exploded. It was eventually rebuild a few weeks later.