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Vera Lomax (Nee Sharples) was a character in Coronation Street on a recurring basis from Episode 5 (23 Dec 1960) to Ep 635 - 16 Jan 1967. She was the daughter of Ena Sharples. Vera died of a brain tumour in January 1967 aged just 45. Vera was played by Ruth Holden.



Vera Sharples was born on the 19th March 1921 to Alfred Sharples and Ena Sharples.


Vera visited her mother when she was in hospital in December 1960. Vera's son Colin went to visit Ena in January 1961. Vera would often leave her son with her mother, although unaware Ena would use the opportunity to fleece information from Colin on the family and what they were saying about Ena.

Vera's last scene before her death.

In 1967 her marriage to Bob broke down. Unable to cope with her son Vera let him live with Bob and she returned to Ena and moved in with her. Ena found out from the doctor that Vera had a brain tumour and only a month to live. Ena couldn't find the heart to tell her daughter and was in pieces when she watched her die. Vera passed away in January 1967.


In 2004, 37 years after her death, Norris Cole, Blanche Hunt and Rita Sullivan held a seance in The Kabin, Coronation Street, which was built on the site of the old Mission Hall. Emily Bishop had told Rita, Blanche and Norris about Vera Lomax and how she died on the site. The seance was because Norris thought The Kabin was haunted because of Vera Lomax. The so called hauntings were just damp.

In Ep 9291/9292 (3 Nov 2017), broadcast in November 2017, over 50 years after her death, Vera Lomax was mentioned again by Rita when she referred to the seance they once had.


  • Actress Ruth Holden originally auditioned for the role of Ida Barlow.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 23 December 1960-19 April 1961, 14-16 October 1963, 11-18 April 1966, 19 December 1966-16 January 1967

Born: 19th March 1921

Died: 16th January 1967

Full Name: Veronica Lomax (Nee Sharples)

Parents: Alfred Sharples and Ena Sharples

Siblings: Madge Sharples, Ian Sharples

Grandfathers: Thomas Schofield

Grandmothers: Mary Schofield

Spouse: Bob Lomax (1946-1967)

Children: Colin Lomax (c1947)

Grandchildren: Jason Lomax