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Vicky McDonald (Nee Arden) was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 3014 - 5 Jan 1990 to Ep 4534 - 30 Dec 1998. She is the granddaughter of Alec Gilroy and step granddaughter of Bet Gilroy. Vicky was also briefly married to petty crook Steve McDonald. Vicky was played by Helen Warburton in 1990, and from 1991 to 1998 was played by Chloe Newsome.



Victoria Frances Arden was born on the 8th January 1977 to Tim Arden and Sandra Arden (Nee Gilroy). Vicky was their only child. Vicky did not meet her maternal grandfather Alec Gilroy until she was a teenager.


Vicky visited her grandfather Alec in January 1990 and in June that year.


Vicky's parents died in 1991 so Vicky was taken in by her grandad Alec and step grandmother Bet Gilroy in July 1991. Vicky formed a friendship with Steve McDonald and Andy McDonald. Alec and Bet knew Steve was a bit of a rogue. Alec left the area in September 1992. Vicky returned to school. In January 1993, Vicky returned to Weatherfield after a brief stay in Southampton. In April 1993 Vicky went to Hong Kong and returned later that year. In late 1993, rumours spread that Steve was seeing Alison Rathbone behind Vicky's back. Bet warned Steve if he hurts Vicky she will "pluck him, stuff him then roast him".

In 1995, Vicky was due to marry Steve but Alec returned to bribe Steve to leave Vicky. Steve refused. They married abroad in August 1995. Vicky often could be a bossy and demanding woman. In October 1995, Bet Gilroy, having been refused by her best mate Rita Sullivan, asked Vicky if she could lend her some money to buy the Rovers and Vicky refused. Bet was annoyed as she had let Vicky stay with her rent free for the past few years. Bet then handed the tenancy back to the brewery and left Weatherfield.

Vicky got caught up in Steve's dodgy dealings, one of them was stolen whiskey. Steve was guilty but asked Vicky to bribe Malcolm Fox to say that Steve did not know that the whisky was stolen. Steve is freed and they assume that they were safe. However, the police discover the bribery when Malcolm Fox's wife confesses. Vicky and Steve are arrested and they stand trial, blaming each other and both are found guilty. Steve is sentenced to two years in prison and Vicky is given a one-year suspended sentence. She decides to get on with her life without Steve and enrolls in a hotel management course in an exclusive college in Switzerland. In June 1996, Vicky has a farewell party in the Rovers and says goodbye to her friends and neighbours. Betty even gives Vicky her hotpot recipe as a leaving present.

Vicky divorces Steve while he is in prison. Sometime prior to December 1998, Vicky returns to England.


Vicky Arden in 1995.

Just before Christmas, Vicky, now sporting a new hairstyle, returned to Weatherfield after over 2 years away, to see her grandfather Alec to offer him a partnership in a wine bar in Brighton in Sussex. Alec was getting rather sick of Weatherfield, and had fallen out with best friend Rita Sullivan and was sick of Jack and Vera, so Alec jumped at the chance and sold the Rovers to Natalie Barnes, and told Jack and Vera that Natalie was their new boss. That day, Alec and Vicky then left Weatherfield for good.

After 1998[]

Vicky met a man called Robert in 1999 in Brighton. That year, Steve and his friend Vikram Desai went to visit Vicky. Vicky seduced Steve as she was hard up, so he abandoned her. Robert and Vicky swiftly married. In 2002 Bet said Vicky is happy now. Everyone seems to be happy when living away from Coronation Street.

As of 2020, Steve has not been in contact with Vicky for years.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: (Played by Helen Warburton-) 5 Jan-29 Jan 1990, 13 June 1990. (Played by Chloe Newsome-) 19 Jul 1991-10 Jan 1992, 6 April-11 Sep 1992, 4 Jan 1993-16 April 1993, 3rd Sep 1993-2 May 1994, 29 Jul 1994-5 Oct 1994, 23rd Dec 1994-7 June 1996, 20 Dec to 30 December 1998

Born: 8th January 1977

Full Name: Victoria Arden (later McDonald and Unknown)

Parents: Tim Arden and Sandra Arden (Nee Gilroy)

Siblings: None

Grandfathers: Alec Gilroy, Mr Arden

Grandmothers: Joyce Gilroy, Mrs Arden

Great Grandfathers: Reg Gilroy, Harry Crosby

Great Grandmothers: Mabel Gilroy

Spouse: Steve McDonald (1995-1997), Robert (1999-)


Background info[]

In January 1990, Vicky was introduced for just a few episodes, and made another one off appearance in June 1990, initially played by Helen Warburton. Vicky became a regular in July 1991, played by a new actress, Chloe Newsome. Although she did not appear for several months on end at times from 1991 to December 1994 when she became a full time regular from then until June 1996. Vicky last appeared in December 1998 before leaving Weatherfield for good to start a new life in Brighton.

Vicky was to appear in the 1999 spin off show Coronation Street: After Hours, set in Brighton in late 1999.